Tuesday, August 7, 2018


After sleeping in Pearl's bed last night, we got up and went to see Brandon.  I had texted him to make sure he was awake. We visited with him for an hour or so before coming home.

People have asked me what happened to him.  In a nutshell: About 3 weeks ago the ground collapsed beneath him at work and he fell. His back was sore, so he's been seeing a chiropractor. At the job they had him sit and watch OSHA videos instead of actually operating equipment or doing anything strenuous. A few days later, he fell into the hole again. ( I don't understand how this happened. He didn't see the hole because there was a bunch of junk over it?) Then he said his chest felt funny and that he was coming down with a cold. A couple more days and he was very miserable. That was on Friday when Tonya took him to the ER and he was told he had a blood clot in his lung. The pain meds were not working, so Tonya and Mark took him to the ER again on Saturday and his pain meds were doubled. That evening he was worse than ever and could hardly breathe, so his buddy Andrew took him back to the hospital. That's when they found out that one lung was collapsing and the other was filling up with fluid.

This is what maybe happened:  He is usually active and lots of sitting can sometimes cause blood clots. When he fell, he must have bruised something internally and a tiny glob of blood moved into his lung causing him to breathe really shallowly because it hurt to breathe deeply, and the shallow breathing led to the lung collapse and fluid build-up.

Since the docs said he was better today- he hadn't taken pain meds last night, he had been up and walking in the hall, he showered by himself, his oxygen levels were up, but he still breathed shallowly and fast- he could go home. Well, he could go to his parent's house where they can keep an eye on him. It sounds like it is going to take a while for the clot to dissolve and his body to heal.

After we got home, Terry began haybining alfalfa in the field north of the house. I cleaned bathrooms and scrubbed floors before going over to pull water hemp. We had .03" of rainfall while we were gone.

The irritating phone calls resumed this morning. After answering a few of them and hanging up or saying something silly, I listened to one of the calls. The lady was asking for Byron. I said Byron was NOT here and I was very TIRED of them calling my number. She replied that there apparently was an ERROR and she felt bad that I had gotten so many calls yesterday. She would take our name off their list. I talked to another person and he said he would take my # off their list. And guess what? The calls have STOPPED!!

The bed is calling my name. Z-z-z-z-z-z-z!

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