Saturday, July 7, 2018


The Kowalke's camper was sitting in our yard this morning when we woke up. Terry thought he'd heard a vehicle slow down by the mailbox around 3 AM, but sleepily decided that if someone was stealing gas, they'd have to move the tractor first and went back to sleep. T&M had left Courtland when Mark got off his shift at work.

Nobody moved too fast this morning. As it turned out, Eddie was able to get someone to take his place at work, so he came, too. If Brandon wouldn't have had plans to work on his Firebird, he would have come.

Since the wind was blowing too hard to launch our "yacht", we made a trip to LaBolt Dam. Ed, Joe, and Pearl tore around. Ed was on my blacklist after he pulled me under the water. I didn't think it was funny, but everyone else thought it was funny that Grandma was standing out in the water and the next second she had disappeared!
We came home to eat spaghetti for supper.

Eddie brought some of his home-made 'fireworks' and has been exploding them. The booms have been really loud and once the house shook.
 Eddie getting ready to launch a 1" bolt into outer space.  Conferring about the next idea.
We sure hope we never have to say to Eddie, " Give me a high 3 1/2", instead of a high 5. Here's the link to one of the explosions, listen to the reverberations afterwards:

 Pearl wanted to play Mexican Train, but it was too late to start, but she made a tower with all of the dominoes.

Goodnight from Kathy, Terry, Tonya, Mark, Samantha, Ed, Joe, Pearl and Max

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