Saturday, July 28, 2018


Terry was out the door early this morning to be ready when the first person came for hay. The first person was an hour late. The next person showed up without calling because his wife told him to come for hay. For awhile there were 3 pickups with trailers lined up to get square bales. After the first guy left, Van Well's came with a semi to get alfalfa for their sheep. Terry had a call from someone in Colorado saying he wanted 30 semi loads of hay! Sorry, but Terry had to say no to that.

I washed clothes and got some cards in the mail. I had to make more cards for a couple of anniversaries this afternoon. I ended up helping with the bales a little bit.

We went to Jim and Karyl Moeller's 50th anniversary celebration at the church in Gary. All their kids were home. I would not have recognized Randy if he hadn't been pointed out to me. He and Greg came from OK. Nancy came from Denver; Naomi from Le Center, Jason from Brookings, and Scott from Gary. Joyce and Randy M. provided some fun entertainment, and Jim told how he and Karyl  met on a blind date. Jim, who is usually very quiet had a lot to say and much of it was humorous. Several of us commented that we didn't know Jim could give such good talks!

From there we headed to Al and Rose's 50th wedding anniversary. We had a good time visiting there since I had gone to school with several of those people, and it was good seeing their family.
And now it's time for bed, even tho' there are dishes piled by the kitchen sink and general disarray exists in the other rooms. Bed looks good.

 Moon river?

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