Tuesday, July 24, 2018


We slept late again this morning. I was up about 7, flopped down on the bed and went back to sleep.
 Front and center is Blu. He has a sore eye. He must have been in a fight. Right behind him is Criss-cross. He is cross-eyed. One of the other short-haired ones is Amber. This is what greeted me when I went to feed the cats this morning. More of them were waiting in the shadows to the right and left. I took 4 of them to the chicken coop and locked them in-- so I thought. Everyone of them escaped, so tomorrow morning I get to try again. Sharon's son and daughter-in-law need some cats on their place near Sioux Falls. I have volunteered to send some of ours. The Minnekota Circuit board meets in Brookings tomorrow morning, and Sharon will take them from there.

We made a trip to Watertown because Terry hurt his back on Sunday and his pain was intense. He could hardly walk. The chiropractor treated him and then did some electrical stumulus thing. Terry is walking better, but is still in a lot of pain. Ice, ice, and more ice for him.

Terry insisted on baling this evening because there's a slight chance for rain and he really wanted the hay finished over east. Its quality has been deteriorating. While I did that I picked apricots from the 2nd tree and also picked a few raspberries. Then I began pulling water hemp from the bean field. Oh, my, such a job. The beans are flowering and setting on pods, so it's not a good time to spray. The beans are chest high and the water hemp is higher. At least the hemp has been pulling out rather easily.

OK. I was a real dummy this aftermoon. When I back out of the garage, I hardly ever look behind me. I just back up until I get close to the trees and then turn and pull forward to go down the hill. Today I drove because Terry really didn't feel like it. I backed out quickly. Too quickly. And I was not looking at the backing-up screen, and I ran into the 4-wheeler which I had parked in the shade of the trees. The right rear light cover is broken and there are black marks from the 4-wheeler rack on the bumper. 

I was remembering Dad singing this silly song: "I saw Esau sitting on a seesaw; I saw Esau with my girl. I saw Esau sitting on a seesaw giving her a merry whirl. I saw him and he saw me, and I saw red and I got so sore- so I got a saw and I sawed Esau off that old seesaw."

I must type of the agenda for our meeting tomorrow. Goodnight!

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