Friday, July 13, 2018



Our rainfall total overnight was .14", so it wasn't much at all. Terry made at trip to Clear Lake, but I stayed home to do a little more bookwork and stuff around here.

After dinner Terry went to move hay wagons and stack hay in the big shed.

The big trailer- the one made out of bridge timbers- was challenging to back out of the shed. It rubbed on the doorway, so Terry pulled it forward, and tried again, but that made the angles even worse. He decided to pull ahead and go through the south door. We weren't sure where he would go when he got out there because that pen isn't very wide. But he was able to turn quite easily and made his "escape".

Terry would come in the east door and head for the northwest corner.
Then he would back up towards the southeast corner before turning to the west to drop the bales. (I had a lot of trouble getting the pictures where I want them, and I suppose when I hit
 publish, they'll get rearranged anyway.)

Anyway, it's lot of maneuvering to put the bales in the there. The tractor and farmhand 8 pack grapple is long and the shed is only 40' wide.
No cat(s) were lounging in there when I took the pictures, but Terry said Blu showed up and risked his lives again.

While Terry did this, I pulled burning weed and found bull thistles in the CRP pasture to dig. After supper I walked the trees with an empty cat food bag and a spade, looking for more of them to eliminate.

A hay buyer showed up this evening for 100 bales, and Terry was able to take those off one of the trailers that hadn't been emptied.

Someone is coming to get apricots tomorrow afternoon. We said he'd better come ASAP because as soon as they are ripe, they are falling from the tree. He's coming from a distance, and we didn't want him to come next week and find nothing left.

Paul called today to tell us that a gal took the emergency call to teach at East Fork and to help him with girl's athletics. We are relieved. Paul was trying his best to handle it all, but it was wearing him out.

We are going to an auction sale tomorrow. Dale Tesch has decided to retire and he wants Terry to come to the sale. We don't need anything, but it won't hurt us to show up.


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