Sunday, July 1, 2018



 Four pictures that were taken at Lake Hiddenwood State Park northeast of Selby yesterday. Heavy rains took the dam out a month ago. It is where we went for our school picnics.

We drove to the south end of Main St. to view the sculpture that John Lopez had built. He's gotten down-right famous for the creations he makes out of junk. We think they are really fun to see. TODAY: We had a fun day. We left Mom's before 7 this morning to get to South Shore for 10:30 church.  That was a regular service, but it was followed by a dinner of beef sandwiches, salads, and desserts. There was time to visit before the 2 o'clock service, so we did, but Terry couldn't hear very well in the noisy fellowship hall, so he left to take a drive around where we lived 43 years ago. Pastor Mohlke was the preacher for the 2nd service. He vicared at South Shore 29 (?) years ago, but is now head of the ACTS program at East Fork. He and his wife live across from Paul and Laura. The music for that service was provided by Branches Band. Then came cake and ice cream + more visiting. Terry saw several former students and had fun hearing about their lives. There was one guy who recognized me and said I had taught him in Sunday School way back when. He also said that I had taken a group of kids out to Mobridge and that we stopped at Mom and Dad's before going home. I do not remember that at all. Branches Band gave a concert at the community center at 4. We did some touring before stopping at Pete and Betty's on the way home. As expected, much has changed in our old neighborhood after 40+ years.

Goodnight. K&T

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