Thursday, June 28, 2018


Both of us were busy all day and I feel that I accomplished quite a bit.  I weeded in the garden, but more needs to be done. I am trying to get it weeded before we head out to Mom's. There's going to be a memorial service on Saturday for a cousin of mine who died awhile back. Then on Sunday, the church in South Shore will be celebrating 50 years in their present church building. The celebration starts in the morning and concludes with a concert by Branches Band. It should be a fun time.

We picked up all the apples beneath the apple trees, I cut dead branches out of the apple trees,  and I mowed 1/3 of the yard.

Terry made a quick trip to Clear Lake this morning and attempted to get our "yacht" licensed again. We have to put #'s on the hull next and some info was being sent to Pierre. And we don't know if this will work or not.

Terry did some more fencing and loaded bales again.

It was hot and humid enough for me again today, but tomorrow is supposed to be hotter.

And, yes, I know I should have put bug jugs in the apple trees several weeks ago. Better late that never, right? A person can google jugs in apple trees to get the correct ways of doing things. Once I put a chunk of liver in a milk jug and hung it in the apple tree by the lilacs. Later, I could smell an awful stink...but there were lots of dead bugs in the jug!

The bed is calling my name.

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