Saturday, June 16, 2018


I spent almost the entire day in the kitchen. I volunteered us to serve between services tomorrow, so I made some rhubarb cakes, bran muffins and no-bake cookies. Then, since Paul was coming here with 6 of his students + another chaperone, I made food for them, too. Altho' the day was warm and muggy, I wanted to have a picnic. As we took the food out, we could hear thunder. It rumbled and roared. Most of us were finished with our spaghetti when the rain came and we headed for the house. We were glad to come in; the rain was coming down in sheets. Besides spaghetti, we had garlic bread, choc. krispie bars and watermelon. Everyone seems to like the krispie bars made from chocolate rice krispies instead of regular.

There are 3 girls and 3 boys that are going to help with Camp Luther this week at Sibley St. Park north of Wilmar. Paul and Listra won't be counselors but will help with anything they can.

Terry worked on the wiring of the new tractor until he figured out how to make the baler work correctly. He said the wiring diagram in the owner's manual wasn't accurate.

Tomorrow we'll go to early church and Bible class. We'll come home for a quick dinner of grilled hamburgers and cheesy potatoes before the AZ people leave for camp. They should be there by 2:30.

We have lots of this plant in the trees. It is called Soloman's Seal according a gardening magazine I used to get. The flowers turn into dark-colored berries.

Everyone is tired. Well, not the kids so much, but Paul may already be in bed.                            Goodnight! Kathy, Terry, Paul, Lestra, Stanley, Thomas, Noah,                                                               Merlita, Autumn, and Faith

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