Sunday, May 20, 2018


 This pair of swans was south of here a couple miles near the Altamont Road.

Church, reception for the seniors, and Bible class. We stopped at Hy-vee for a few groceries before coming home. After dinner Terry went to check gopher traps. He got 2 more- a big granddaddy and a smaller one.

I took a blanket, pillow, and the dawg for a nap on the trampoline. Dandi gets so disoriented when she's outside that I thought it would be good for her to be with me for awhile. I got comfy and she jumped off! I was surprised that she would do that. I went after her because I didn't want her wondering around and end up on the road. We got situated again. This time Blu jumped on the trampoline, too. So I covered Dandi's head. That way the cat wouldn't see her and she wouldn't know the cat was there. When it was time to get up, I let Dandi down over the edge and slid off myself. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Blu coming, too, and headed for the dog. I tried to beat Blu, but Blu got to Dandi first and jumped at her, swatting her with both front paws. Blu got a swat. He bugs Dandi because he knows it terrifies her since her eyes are so bad.

I planted the rosemary and lemon basil plants I bought on Friday and transplanted a few tiny maple trees.

Terry took a walk up the back section line tonight. I followed later and went as far as Lake Alice. Instead of returning the way whence I came, I took the road to the tar and headed east. It was after nine by this time and getting rather dark. Pete happened by and gave me a ride home. I've been picking ticks off ever since I got back. There are so many in the grass.The ticks haven't been so bad in the yard; I think the chickens must eat them.
 Later 'gator!

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