Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Yesterday we realized that the hummingbirds and orioles seem to have disappeared.  And we had been so pleased with ourselves that when we saw a couple hummingbirds, we put out feeders for them right away, and that they seemed pleased with their nectar supply. On Sunday Terry saw 3 of them. I think I have heard an oriole, so maybe they haven't all left.

We had a nice day. Terry made a trip to Gary and I did some bookwork. Terry mowed after dinner, and I started working in the garden. I planted a few Swiss chard seeds, some Romaine lettuce, beets, and a small package of "Saber" peas. I am also going to plant "Green Arrow" peas before planting anything else.

Terry said we had to clean up the piles of branches in the alfalfa field south of the house. We started cleaning that up last week, but had never finished and the alfalfa has really been growing. Both of us are tired from bending over to pick up sticks and branches, but we finished. There's a lot more we could do in other parts of the trees. There are so many buckthorn trees out there, it's just pathetic.
 The wild plums are blooming.

 We have seen these 2 deer several times in the last few days.

Time to call it a day. Goodnight!

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