Saturday, April 7, 2018


Terry did chores and I packed up our stuff. We loaded luggage and kids into Paul's Avalanche and took off for the Valley. We stopped at the rest area at the bottom of the Salt River Canyon, but didn't have time to play.

We found Laura at the new Fry's store in AJ, with Paul soon arriving from the feed store. The kids were happy to see them. Laura took the kids to Camp Kessem and Paul brought us over to Pam's.

It was hot here again, but the heat didn't bother us quite as much today as it did last week. Terry, Nevaeh and I went looking for something to do and ended up driving north on Idaho until the road ran out. Then we climbed a mountain. Terry only went 3/4 of the way, but Nevaeh and I made it to the highest cave before going down.

Church is at 9 tomorrow morning. Our flight leaves at 2:12 and we will be back in Sioux Falls by 6:45 or so. The big question is going to be: Will we be able to make it all the way home if there's another storm in the area? Usually when we fly down here, it is in Jan-Feb-Mar, and we pack boots, coveralls, shovels, etc in the car just in case the weather is bad upon our return. We did not do that this time. We didn't think we would need that stuff.

Goodnight! Kathy, Terry, Pam, Nevaeh, and Ashia who is at work

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