Wednesday, April 4, 2018



After searching the internet and trying to decide what we wanted to do today, we decided the best option would be to go to Globe, stop at the Visitor Center to get ideas and find out about peridot mining. On the way we stopped to let the kids look and climb around. When they ride this same road with their parents, they don't take time to see the views.

 We stopped at the rest area on the Salt River, of course, and the kids had to climb around on the rocks. We have never seen the river this low.
  Hannah and Hudson went as close to the water as they could. The river was not very deep. We arrived in Globe about 11:30 and decided to eat dinner at DQ. Then we went to the visitor center. We were told that we probably would not be able to see any peridot being mined. I don't think peridot is mined like iron ore or copper. The peridot stones are removed from veins of lava. Going to the Tonto National Monument to see cliff dwellings seemed like a good idea, and then maybe a couple things near town before heading home.
Lake Roosevelt

The kids on a concrete path to the cliff dwelling. The path zig-zagged 350 vertical feet, about 1/2 mile.  
 The kids made it to the top before we did. The ranger gave them a job-- to tell people to stay off the walls and not touch stuff. 
Hunter, Hannah, and Hudson said they thought it would be great fun to live in a rock house high up on the hill.
  We saw lots of saguaro cactus, chollas, occatillo, prickly pear, tomatillo, etc.

By the time we finished at the cliff dwellings, it was time to head back to Whiteriver because Hannah had ball practice. She'd missed practice on Monday, so we didn't think we should allow her to miss again.

Later, we were eating supper when Leslie Mohlke knocked on the door and asked us to come over for a bonfire. Everyone who was on the compound went for s'mores +  Pastor Massey and his family. the kids tore around, having a fun time. We enjoyed ourselves, too.

Maybe we'll head back to Globe on Friday. Hannah was terribly disappointed that we didn't have time to go to a park in Globe that has a zip line.

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  1. I love those pictures!! The kids look great! Hunter is getting very handsome, Hannah's pretty as ever and I just want to cuddle that Hudson. Your weather sure looks nicer than ours.