Tuesday, April 3, 2018



We stayed home today; there was laundry to do and Terry finished putting up the electric fence he put up to keep dogs and critters out of the chicken pen. I made home-made chicken/rice soup for dinner.

This afternoon Hudson took us on a walk by the river/creek which runs just north of here. He thought it was great fun to wade across. I made it across to the fort, and back again, but ROCKS were numerous and they hurt my feet. It wasn't fun at all.

Hudson in the cold water.

The 2nd picture shows the "fort". Hudson said someone else made the shelter, but he, Hunter and friends have laid claim to it.
When we were near the river, I looked down and a small lizard was on the front of my shirt. It really startled me, but I reached for it. Then it took off over my shoulder and I screamed. I didn't want it going down my neck! It didn't; it jumped off and ran away. 

Tribal elections were held today, but we don't know who won. A woman was going after the top position and had a good chance of winning. She was tired of all the wasteful spending and corruption.
 Nevaeh at the Easter egg hunt on Saturday.

Terry fixing the fence to the chicken pen yesterday with all his helpers.Hudson wanted batting practice again, so Terry took him behind the old dormitory to throw pitches. I set up some buckets behind him as a sort of back stop to keep the balls from rolling down the hill. One of Hunter's friends joined us for supper, and then 6 or more boys showed up to play basketball for awhile. They were having lots of fun.

I would like to drive to Peridot to see a peridot mine tomorrow, but I am not sure if it is even possible to do that. Pastor Massey wore a "necklace" of peridot with a cross on it instead of a stole on Sunday. It was unique. I like the soft green color.

OK, so we don't have phone service because we ignored the messages on our phones. I was expecting a regular bill or at least an e-mail statement about our bill. We don't usually pay our bills online. Terry contacted the Verizon guy in Milbank, but so far, the phones aren't working.

Sorry to hear that so many of your are experiencing such crummy weather on this, the 93rd day of January. It was nice here.

Hannah and I just came back to the house after shutting the poultry in. 2 of the dogs were having a fit about something near the principal's house and Hannah took off to see what was going on. There were horses on the compound. Hannah ran, hollering at the horses to go away and they did!

Kathy, Terry, Hunter, Hannah, Hudson and all the dogs and chickens and ducks

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  1. Great pictures again! The sun is out today and our snow from yesterday is melting. We got quite a bit. Schools were closed. Roads turned to ice after sunset. Have a great time on your birthday week!