Sunday, April 22, 2018


We didn't get up very early, but we made it to church on time. Whew! That was the first time we'd been at St. Martin's since Good Friday. We were in AZ for 2 Sundays and last week the snow kept us home.

While I was sitting Bible class, I noticed that the elastic in my pantihose was letting loose. As soon as I could, I made adjustments, but I was uncomfortable getting some groceries and shopping at Menards.

It was so nice out this afternoon that Terry started his 4-wheeler and went for a ride. I took a long walk: up to the tar, over to the lake road, into the GF&P land to the Silver Leaf, through the east pastures to 482nd Ave. I had to wear my boots because there was snow and water to walk through. Instead of retracing my steps home, I came home on the roads. My feet are sore and my big toe has a blister from wearing those boots, but they'll recover.

We fear that the cats have eaten the woodpecker. We have found spotted feathers in front of the house.

A sparrow and a meadowlark. I wish the meadowlark would have been facing the camera.

 We still have snow and ice, but it's melting.
 Running water. The water at the little dam over east was rushing over the spillway and still coming over the dam.

 A pocket gopher has made mounds in the road. That must have been some tough digging.
 I made it back  home. 
Written by:  "Saggy Knees and Baggy Ankles"

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