Thursday, March 8, 2018


At 3 degrees, we had a crisp, sparkly, twinkly morning. There must have been a little fog overnight.
The temps rose quite quickly when the sun came up and made it to the mid-twenties with NO wind.

The Dish guys came out to make some changes so we can get HD tv and other stuff. Terry is trying to figure out how to make it all work.

Today I made a pan of 7-Layer Bars. I hadn't made those for a very long time, but someone had given me a couple cans of expired sweetened condensed milk, and that was the best way to use a can of that. The sw. cond. milk was a carmelly color, but it tasted just fine and worked just fine. After we had eaten several of the bars, I put the remainder in the freezer so I'd leave them alone.

Terry walked over to Magedanz's this afternoon. I would have, too, but I messed around with my camera. Dust has gotten on the sensor, making my pictures look terrible. I am hoping that a purchase of special swabs and cleaner will take care of the problem. Otherwise I'll have to have it professionally cleaned and that is costly.

I drove over to get Terry. Craig was in for a late dinner, so we visited awhile.

Afterwards I tramped through the snow and Terry took another walk. (Unbelievable.) This time he went south to Kevin's and west a short distance.

That is not a cloud behind the tree, it is snow. It looks like big puffs of cotton. I think I'll try to get a clearer picture tomorrow.

We don't usually get snow that hangs on like that.

 I have seen snow like this a forest, but not usually around here.
 Icicles were forming on the sunward sides of the spruce.


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