Friday, March 2, 2018


The crop insurance guy had a meal at Pizza Ranch today. Of course we went and enjoyed the food.

We also switched phone carriers and got new phones. Now Terry and I both have smart phones. Is that really a smart move? Soooo, those of you who were playing games of Words with Friends with me will have to start over because the last games have disappeared.

Boyd had read that I wanted to hike across Lake Alice, so he texted to say he wanted to do it. He drove out this evening. I read the moon times wrong and thought the moon was going to come up at 6:08, so we had to hurry to the lake. We left our pickup on the east lake road and took Boyd's over to the west side. Then we began walking. We left the west shore after sunset and began walking east. There's a lot of snow on the lake, but that was good because then we didn't have to worry about slipping on the ice. To begin with, there were clouds in the east, so we weren't surprised that we didn't see the moon. But as we plodded on and it got darker, we thought the clouds in the east were really thick and that was why we couldn't see the moon. One by one the stars appeared. No moon. We were getting near the east side when we saw a faint glow in the east (1 1/2 hours after we began our hike) and the moon began its journey. We were in a good place because the moon rose behind some trees and Boyd got some really good pictures. (I got one really clear one.) Boyd has a fancier camera with a much larger lens. He even took pictures of the stars that turned out good!

We did goof up, tho'. We thought we had reached the far east side, but had gone too far north. That had me puzzled for a bit until I figured out that we were in the neighbor's alfalfa field and would have to traipse across it for 1/2 mile to find the pickup. We did and came right up to where the pickup was parked. Woo-hoo! We had made our hike. I took Boyd back to his car and we came home for some supper.

And that's all for tonight. Bed looks really good!

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  1. The full moon was really bright and big here this morning. But my phone wouldn't take a good picture. It would have been really beautiful if the ground had been covered with snow. I think it looked bigger than when it was supposed to be the super moon.