Friday, February 16, 2018


After last night's dusting of snow, the skies cleared and the temperatures dropped a long ways overnight. Br-r-r. It was cold this morning.

We left the Kowalke residence around 8 this morning, eating breakfast at Perkin's. Tonya was working, so she was our hostess.  We met a couple of her friends who also work there. We made it home by noon.

I washed a load of clothes and hung it out. It dried some in the wind and sunshine, but had to be put in the dryer to get dry. The wind blew hard from the west, and even tho' the thermometer showed 23 degrees, it was cold out.

The game camera had been out for a couple of days so we brought it back to the house. The SD card didn't show anything, so the camera must not have been turned on. I don't understand how a person is supposed to know whether the camera is off or on. the camera was off when I set it up, and then I pushed the power switch. Why wasn't it on today? Do the coyotes and rabbits sneakily push the switch off?
 Yesterday morning, when we were outside before going to see the grandkids in MN, I could hear a cat meowing. Looking around, I couldn't see where the meowing was coming from, but then a movement caught my eye. I hadn't been looking at the pump house. One of the cats had somehow gotten in and couldn't get out, but he'd chewed and clawed a hole big enough for part of him to squeeze through. He was really happy to be released from his prison. Terry had been in the pump house a day or two earlier, and we think the cat sneaked in then. After he caught a few mice he was ready to exit the premises, but couldn't.

And that's all the exciting news for today!

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