Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Terry left this morning to pick up Charlie. The 2 of them headed out to Winner to look at a tractor. Terry still isn't home, but he has called to say he would be late.

I did chores and walked out back to take a picture of the cozy spot a coyote has made to snuggle up in. He curls up in the hay in the hay feeder.
  A few cats catching rays in their "tanning booth".
This is Tall Thomas. He is coming on to being 2 years old. We bought him 2 years ago when Marcy's twins showed up too early and didn't survive. His back is at least 5 1/2 feet high. He'd be a good critter to butcher and we don't need another one right now. If anyone would like to purchase him, let us know. 

After I came in from outside, I decided to read one of the books that Arlene gave to me. It is a story about Norwegian settlers that came to Amerika and Dakota Territory back in the 1800's. I was enjoying it, when a knock on the door forced Dandi and me to get up. It was Scott B., coming to pay for Ruthie. We visited for quite a while, covering topics like work, Ruthie, vitamin D, the rural water system, and wind towers.

After finishing off the bean soup, I washed the walls in the kitchen. Yes, all those walls! No cupboards. When that was done, I washed the walls in the laundry room. I knew that would be a pain, but I stuck it out and finished. It is a pain because it gets dusty in there from the dryer, and the wire shelving is a nuisance to clean off. I moved the hamper away from the wall to clean behind and beneath it. Then I could see behind the washer and there is a leak back there. I hope tightening a hose cures the problem.

I did get another short walk in before sunset. The temperature was 27 degrees above zero! But a stiff breeze blew from the west.
 Some little birds were in the trees, but as soon as I'd get the camera out of its bag and begin focusing, they'd fly away. I'd wait. They'd return. I'd get ready to take a picture and they'd fly away. Such teases. One day several weeks ago, I had seen a golden-crowned kinglet and I am wondering if that's what these tiny birds were.

This evening I watched a video from Amazon Prime that Tonya said was good. It was called "An Adoption Story" by the Hostettler's. It was good, quite amazing, really. That documentary can also be found on YouTube.

My legs and butt have been so stiff today. They'd been pretty good and I thought it was because the exercises I was doing were helping. Well, maybe they were, but sitting on my caboose sewing most of yesterday certainly made things worse again. 

Kathy and Dandi

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