Thursday, September 21, 2017



I am attempting to turn over a new leaf by walking again. This morning I walked 3+ miles.  I was hot by the time I made it home. The wind was warm and the humidity was high.

I washed a big load of dark clothes which was sun-dried, wind-blown and well-dusted. The day was sunny but windy with winds from the southeast which causes dust to blow across our yard whenever anyone goes by. The neighbors chopped silage behind us and trucks constantly roared past. I thought only one self-propelled chopper was running, but as fast as the trucks came and went, there almost had to be more than one. The neighbors did wet the road to keep the dust at a minimum.

Terry took the trailer tire that went flat last week before we went to WY to Clear Lake to be fixed. He was gone most of the morning and into the afternoon. While he was there he decided to buy a better running gear to make a sturdier hay trailer.

After dinner I started mowing the grass. It was quite tall, so I took my time. I found more BULL THISTLES! which I dug out. I think we'd better spray for weeds as soon as it freezes. The grass would be nicer if the Canadian thistles and other weeds were dead.

Lots of pears had fallen from the pear tree, so I picked them up before I mowed. I finished mowing in the dark.

Terry moved big round bales from the field that Chad baled last week. He had one more trip this evening, but a tire went flat on one of the trailers! Another flat tire! I don't understand why we get so many flat tires! Terry said he met one of the silage trucks and pulled over to the side of the road and figures that is where he picked up a nail. Well, the trucks were meeting and pulling over to the side all day. Did any of them pick up a nail?????

Last week Thursday we were in WY and took the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway over Bear Tooth Pass to Red Lodge, MT. That was quite an adventure since the road wound up and down and around the mountains. We were under the clouds, we were over the clouds and we were in the clouds as we wound our way up, up, up past the timberline to see alpine lakes, and then down, down, down through fog that was so thick we could hardly see the road.

Before going back to our house, we stopped to see the Buffalo Bill Cody dam.
Eileen, Terry, and Milton walking toward the visitor center. There are 2 short tunnels and 1 long tunnel near the dam. We learned about all the problems that were encountered while the dam was being built. It is an amazing feat, considering the machines that were used back then. The dam was finished in 1920.
 The view south of the highway near the dam. 
 Some wildflowers.
After supper that night, the guys played pool and the gals played Quirkle.

Galatians 3:26 You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.


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