Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Greetings from Bismarck again. We can leave tomorrow. We will take Mom to the nursing home in Selby with Elaine's pickup. Supposedly she will be discharged tomorrow by 10 a.m. Selby was chosen because at a nursing home there is more socialization than at the hospital.  She can eat her meals in the dining room, not alone in her room and there are social activities to join in.

We can see that Mom is getting stronger, altho' she doesn't think so. She sat in a regular chair for quite awhile today because-------

OK, I suppose I should tell you that 2 weeks ago when she saw the doctor, she asked him to look at her head because it was so itchy.  He looked and found lice! Where they came from is anybody's guess, but we are kind of thinking she got them at the pool where she goes for water aerobics. Those little bugs can live in chlorinated water for several hours. So, two weeks ago she was treated for head lice. and she went home and washed her bedding and everything the lice might be in or on. Then last week, when it was time for the 2nd and final treatment to get rid of the head lice, she was sick and in the hospital and no one gave any thought to that 2nd treatment. Today when Bev was combing her hair--there they were! Those lousy things! So once again she got a treatment for them and that's when she sat on the regular chair for a long time. The nurses had put the special shampoo in her hair. It was supposed to be in her hair for 10 minutes, but then the nurses were called away and it took them a while to get back to rinse her head.

The therapists were in today for exercises, too, so Mom needed a couple good naps to recuperate.

Today Bev and I went to NOODLE-ZIP for dinner. We've been trying out different restaurants that are fairly close to the hospital. We've been to the Blarney Stone Pub, the Starving Rooster, LJ Burgers, and Noodle-zip. Tonight we walked over to McD's for McFlurries.

That's about it. So long until tomorrow.

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