Saturday, August 5, 2017



Well, today the prognosis came in and the Dr. Kichloo said Mom has West Nile meningitis. The West Nile tests were positive. The meningitis part is because the virus passed from the blood through the outer linings (meninges) of the brain. The listeria thing had really only tested positive on a couple points, I guess- something about gram positive bacillus and contamination of the sample?? I don't understand. Anyway, he said that no more antibiotics would be administered because they wouldn't do any good.

Mom was better today-  more alert and able to move her arms and hands better. She is tired from being stuck in that bed, but she isn't strong enough to get up yet. PT people will be involved with recovery. I kind of think we'll be heading back to Mobridge early next week.

Charlie and Janine and Marilyn (a long time friend of the family and classmate of mine) came this morning to visit. Then we went to eat at the Duck Pond for lunch. Jerica and her fiance, Tyler, drove over from Dickinson to see Mom. Jerica is one of our younger cousins that we don't see very often.

Bev and I walked around the huge dog show that is being held at the Civic Center this w.e. The dogs were beautiful!

It rained for awhile, but has stopped now.

I haven't visited with Terry yet, so I don't know what he did today. Mom was tired, so we are back at the hotel. I'm reading a book about a German family that was caught in WWll, but was able to come to this country.

Goodnight.                                 Kathy

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  1. thanks for the update! Give grandma our loveđź’—glad you are there.