Thursday, August 3, 2017


Teka Ranch-Where the fun neverends-August3,2017      We are now in Bismarck . Mom andI came up inthe ambulancelast evening. Things were getting worse, when we were expecting things to  be better, like in morning when she was stronger and more alert-- she was so terribly weak. There was no way she could even sit on the edge of the bed without being supported  by three people. Then they found out she wasn,t voiding much at all. The dr. called  Bismarck again and talked to more specialists. They decided an mri and a spinal tap might give clues as to what was going on and those would could be only be done in Bismarck.                        We got here about 8:15- only an hour and 45minutes after leaving Mobridge. Kim & Jeff were next, then Doug, Nick and Rhonda, Bev and Elaine at 2:30.  We were told we'd hear the mri results but still haven't heard and they want to do different kind this morning. No spinal tap yet because she has been on blood thinner. None of us got to bed before 3 this morning. Doug slept in his pickup and so did N and R. K and J went to Josh's; we 3 girls got a room at the Radisson.  We crawled into bed about 3:30 and were awakened by an alarm at 4. Back at hospital by 7:30. And we don't know anything, but Mom is kind of more alert- after sleeping for 2days, she seems agitated- still no appetite.                                    Terry said we had .7 of rain.    Am writing this on Mom's phone. What a slow process.

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