Tuesday, August 29, 2017


I did some e-mailing for LWMS this morning before I went to visit Mom. I locked the door on my way out, but as I was putting stuff in the car, I realized I should go back to get a belt. Jeans and capris made from stretchy denim keep expanding, and I didn't want to lose my britches. So I found the key(s) to open the door, but couldn't get back in. "Oh, well, " I thought, " Maybe I'll have the right touch when I return.  If not, Mom might have a roommate." And I left.

Pastor Wosje had a church service at the home this morning. Mom and I attended. Kim and I went to dinner with her. Kim was doing hair at the home today. After dinner I went home to pick beans. I also wanted to try the door again. Well, the door would NOT open. I went around to the front with keys for the front door, but the storm door was locked. I went down to Bonnie's and we came back with wire and screwdrivers and pokey things, but we could't get the door unlocked. I called Doug and he told me what he could over the phone-something about a credit card, but I didn't see how I could stick a credit card between the door and the jamb and get it to bend at a right angle to push on the bolt.  Bonnie went to get Dennis. Dennis put his left hand on the knob with his fingers around the 'stem', pushed the key in hard, and the door came open. Hallelujah! We figure that door knob has been in use for almost 50 years and could be replaced. Kim said she has one with a lever instead of knob that could be put there.

After they left, I picked the beans. I got a couple quarts of green beans. Mom sure has a lot of pumpkins growing in her garden. Some are the big ones, but others are the smaller dark orange fairy tale pumpkins.

Janine invited us for supper and we went. Mom was concerned about getting up and down the steps into her house, but Charles and Jeff helped her. Janine is a good cook and had so much food! She had beets, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, and cabbage from her garden. She'd made a beef roast and pigs in the blanket + fresh bread and a dessert!

Jeff and Charles were talking about someone in ND named Clydell- that was his first name. Pretty sure there aren't too many Clydells around.

Mom was telling about the abstract that Mike C. has on the place a couple miles north of here.  It showed all the times it was bought and sold and how much Grandpa John D. Rabenberg paid for the land in 1919. I'm short on details, but Grandpa John D continued to live on the place 7 miles north of Glenham that had been a homestead, and Great-grandpa John and  Great -grandma Dorothea (?) moved to the new place. Great-grandpa John Rabenberg built an elevator in the granary way back when and if a person is brave enough to go up the rickety stairs, he can see a metal sign that says "Made by John Rabenberg".

Terry said he had to move a big snapping turtle out of the path of the haybine this afternoon. He moved it 6 swaths over, but it returned  and was in the way again. The 2nd time he moved it farther away and pointed it in the direction of the neighbor's slough. He said it was very hefty and hard to move. (And I would think it would have been dangerous to mess with him, too.)  It's neck was larger than Terry's wrist.

Matthew 16:15-16  "But what about you?" he asked "Who do you say that I am?" Simon Peter answered, "Your are the Christ, the Son of the living God."

Guten Nacht.                      

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