Monday, August 28, 2017


Before going over to see Mom this morning, I read through some papers regarding the Good Sam home and did some e-mailing. I watched as Patty led her through some leg exercises. I was impressed with what Mom could do. Patty put 3 lb. weights on her legs. Mom was in a sitting position and had to lift her legs straight out in front of her- 15 times for each leg. I did it without the weights and could feel it a little in my muscles. She also had her march in place with the weights. There were other exercises, too, with a long rubber strap. One thing Mom will have to do is practice her balance before she graduates and goes home.

Kim and I went to an app't in Mobridge, ate at DQ and went back to Selby for a meeting with the staff at the home. Janine joined us there. They all said Mom is doing great, but it will likely be another 2 weeks before she can come home.

Mom likes it over there; everyone treats her really well. I met her tablemates. There's Lois who is very nice, but hardly has any teeth. She's waiting for dentures. Darlene sits across from Mom and is a pleasant person. The third lady can't hear very well.

Esther is 101 and just loves to get outside when it's nice out. Sometimes she just walks away and someone will have to find her. She was good tonight and returned after her walk to the end of the sidewalk.

I took the Scrabble game over and we played a couple games. Mom won the first one by 50 points, but I won the 2nd one by over 100. (I had all the high pointers and was able to use them on the triple letter places.)

When I got back here tonight, I saw several cottontails in the yard. The cats should work together to enrich their diets by catching and eating them.

Terry took 3 cull cows to the auction in Madison, SD. He said we got a good price on all 3 of them- Woolie, Lori, and Winona. He worked on putting the teff grass and orchard grass down this afternoon.

Psalm 28:8 The LORD is the strength of his people, a fortress of salvation for his anointed one.


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