Friday, August 25, 2017


For some reason, my reckoning of the days this week is all messed up. All day it has not seemed like Friday.

We went to town this morning for a couple of appointments. We helped at the store for a bit before buying groceries and coming home. Altho' it was overcast, Terry was hoping that the hay he raked yesterday would be dry enough to bale today. It wasn't. So, he began picking grapes and I picked beans. When I finished the beans, and finished looking for squash and cucumbers and tomatoes, I helped pick grapes. We got almost four more of the large Tupperware bowls full.

I took a block of salt the cows over east. As I did this, I could smell the alfalfa that is blooming in the small field. I rode over to look at it and many, many red admiral or painted lady butterflies flew up. They were really fun to see.

Rain began about 6. The wind didn't blow much, but the thunder and lightning kept on for a quite awhile. Sometimes the rain came down hard; we've gotten .94".

This evening, we got busy and destemmed 3/4 of the grapes. Since earwigs can be found among the grapes, I set the card table up in the garage, we plugged in the laptop and watched Amazon movies while we worked. We finished Nut Job and then watched Mary and Martha.  I would recommend Mary and Martha.

 Now I am going to take my purple fingers and go to bed. Goodnight!

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