Thursday, August 24, 2017


I've been thinking that we hadn't had a gathering for a long time, but didn't quite know what to do because Terry has hay down and he wants to put more down. So I decided to have a gathering of women. That way Terry wouldn't feel obligated to socialize if he thought he should be haybining or raking or baling.

The forecast called for sunny and 77 degrees for today. Ha. I don't think it happened. We had rather heavy clouds with a breeze from the southeast, but I called several women and invited them to come for dessert and coffee at 7 this evening. I was hoping we could have a "garden party". All day it threatened rain, but none came, so I moved picnic tables and some decorations to a place out of the wind and proceeded to get ready for company.
Wouldn't you know it? About 6 mist started falling and a little later bigger drops fell. The moisture didn't amount to anything, but we had our party indoors. (Even if the sprinkles quit, we would have been chilly out of doors. )  We ate peaches and cream cheese cake  and zucchini cake for dessert and visited and talked pretty much non-stop. It was fun, but guys could have come, too, because Terry had trouble with the haybine and was in the yard anyway.

Terry stopped at TSC for salt blocks yesterday and came away with baby chicks. The guy in charge of the chicks at the store was getting desperate and he gave Terry a deal he couldn't refuse. While Terry was dickering with the salesperson, he thought he should give  our neighbor, Kevin, a call to see if he wanted some, too, but he never did. This morning Terry talked to Kevin and found out that he had been in TSC after Terry and came home with the rest of the bargain chicks. So all the left-over chicks are in our neighborhood.
Peep. Peep. Peep!

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