Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I got busy in the kitchen this morning. I put the grapes in a big kettle to cook. They were to be cooked slowly until the skins burst. After they cooled, the juice could be drained off and the grapes squeezed. There's probably 4-5 qts. in the big kettle. I also made the peach-cream dessert again, and baked bread.

Terry was able to finish haybining the north field. He could have gotten done sooner, but there's a grand-daddy pocket gopher near the rock pile and he's building condos for all his relatives. Mud clogged the haybine when Terry went over the gopher's mounds. Terry called to tell me that there lots of egrets, geese, and 1 heron in the slough out back. I took the camera and went to look, but those creatures knew I was trying to get closer and would slowly move away from me. No matter which angle I came from or how far I had crawled through the trees, they knew something was up.
 Terry said that after I left, 13 egrets congregated out there.

Terry had a mission board meeting this evening at Good Shepherd in Sioux Falls. I rode along and visited Marlys. She's in the hospital because she has some kind of weird tumor in the wall of her abdomen. She was feeling good tonight, but surgery will be scheduled.

I drove home and I'm glad to be here. We stopped at the Clark station north of Sioux Falls for some cappuccinos and snacks. We bought a bag of white cheddar popcorn which was really good.

The pictures show geese coming in for a landing. And the heron can be seen in one of them.

I am ready for beddy-by. Goodnight!

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