Monday, August 21, 2017


Shortly after we got up this morning, we could see rain clouds moving our way from the south. It began raining here about 8:30 and we left for Sioux Falls a little later. From what Terry had seen on the radar, he thought our rain would soon be over and that maybe the sun would be shining south of here. Perhaps we'd get to see the eclipse.

Terry had a follow-up app't with Becky Hruby at Avera for his light-headedness. After an examination, she thinks his unstableness is caused by the lack of feeling in his feet. She said he should stay active and practice walking, etc, otherwise it'll get worse a lot faster. And if he needs to use a cane or a walking stick, so be it.

When it was time to leave the clinic, rain was pouring down! When we drove over to the Chinese buffet, rain was pouring down! We have umbrellas in the car under the back seat, but since the seats were folded down to make room for the bags from GSI, we couldn't get them out. We got wet. We sat and waited quite a long time at Saver's for the rain to let up before we unloaded the bags. I think the rain quit before we reached the Flandreau exit. (And we heard on the news that Sioux Falls had 7 inches of rain.)

We had a message from Betty saying that Pete had heard from Dana that we had 4.5 inches of rain at home! Well, our gauge only showed 1.72", but 1 1/2 miles east, 4.5 inches really did come down. Water flowed over roads and flooded low spots.

I rode bike after we got home to stretch some muscles, riding over to Lloyd and Norma's, but they were gone. Terry checked out the rain damage. Then he mowed and I picked up windfall apples and pears and finally took the really huge squash down to Kevin's pigs.

Mom is doing really good and hopes to be able to return home soon. We are excited by her progress.

And that's all she wrote.  Goodnight!

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