Sunday, August 20, 2017


We went to early church, so we were not present when Vicar Reich was installed. We messed around in town long enough to have the $5 Buck Lunch at DQ. Terry stopped at AT&T with a question about our bill.

Back at home, Terry had me help him put the mower deck back on the lawn mower. It took us quite a while to get it right. The manual didn't have pictures!

We brought Lori, Winona, and Woolie home from the east pasture. Ismay and her calf came, too. Ismay's calf needed an over-eating shot and we wanted to band him. Running him down the chute was supposed to be easier than tying him with a rope. I filled the syringe and Terry was in the chute behind the calf. I kind of wondered if I shouldn't have traded places with Terry, but we only had one calf to work, so how hard could it be? Wellllll, that 120 lb calf is a wild thing! Right off, Terry thought he was going to run him over. Then he tried to get through the headgate and Terry tried to hold him so I could vaccinate him, but Terry started hollering and falling down. I didn't understand what was happening. When Terry was upright again, he said the calf kicked him over and over near his ankle bone, making his ankle really sore.
I hadn't seen the calf kick; most times a person gets kicked in the shins or knees.  My job was to vaccinate and band him. The vaccination went fine. Banding him wasn't nearly so easy. Terry didn't want to take any chances on him getting away and had him pushed in the corner really tight. I had to be on my hands and knees behind the calf hoping I wouldn't get kicked in the face.

Although I planted 3 different kinds of sweet corn in the garden, 2/3 of it has ripened at the same time. I picked it all, then removed several layers of husks and put it in the refrigerator. When I picked it, I noticed how many earwigs were in the husks and leaves of the corn plants. By removing several layers of husks, I hope than no earwigs get into the house.

Liz B had given us one small blue potato to plant last spring. That little potato multiplied quite well. Those are the potatoes from that one plant. I fixed about 1/2 of them for supper. They stayed purple after they were boiled and they tasted just fine.

Bed time.                                    Goodnight.

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