Saturday, August 19, 2017


Hidey-ho, good neighbor!

There wasn't a breath of air again this morning. Terry and Pete drove down to Ivanhoe to get the lawn mower, and I started cleaning: We are a dirty people.

While Terry and Pete were gone,  a guy came to look at the teff grass bales. (Someone came yesterday and bought some of them.)

After dinner I had a phone call from Huddie, "Grandma, can you fix a chicken with a broken leg?" Well, I didn't want to make him sad by saying not to do anything, so I asked if his dad would take a picture of the chicken with a broken leg. The picture came and I couldn't see anything wrong with the leg. Then Paul said the problem seemed to be further up and it was almost as if he was kind of paralyzed. Later Hudson called to say that one of the chickens was blind. By now Terry and I are thinking that the AZ Krause chickens need vitamins and told them that.

Terry and Pete returned just in time for Terry and me to head to town for the opening service at GPLHS. I thought it was a very nice service. We have not heard how many have enrolled this year.
When the service was over, we went to GSI to pick up bags of unusable clothing. Terry has a dr. app't on Monday and we can take those bags to a place in Sioux Falls that will dispose of them. The back of the Tahoe is filled with bags.

We made a stop at Menard's before leaving town. When we got home, I changed into my old clothes to continue cleaning the house. Several cars went by on the road, and Terry said, "Oh, I forgot to tell you- tonight is the potato salad contest at Kevin and Sarah's." I rolled my eyes. How long had he known and didn't tell me? What in the world could we take for the potluck? A bag of chips? I kind of thought we should skip the party; Terry thought we should go. We found a block of cheese in the refrigerator that Bev had left here and some crackers. They would do and away we went. It was a nice evening and fun to see some neighbors we don't see very often altho' they live just down the road or just over there. And there was plenty of food.

Our vicar, Jacob Reich, will be installed during 2nd service tomorrow.  Goodnight!

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