Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Terry had a bone cruncher app't this gray morning, so we went to town. I bought a new yellow-handled spade at Menard's because our old one has a long crack in the handle and isn't going to last much longer. I also came out with 2 nice mum plants for less than $3.00 each.

We had a late dinner because we had a late breakfast at Co. Fair. Did you know that on Wednesday's County Fair has free coffee with the breakfast menu? It's so-o-o-o exciting!

We can't help but laugh. It never fails that as soon as we sit down for a meal, the phone rings. And it happened twice today around 1:30. This evening it was a telemarketer.  How do people know?

It's been raining all afternoon and evening. It's a beautiful, gentle rain; it is just wonderful! An inch and a half has fallen and it's still raining.  That is the first rain of over an inch since May 16th (90 days!).  Yaa Hoo!!

I stuck to business and got more bookwork done. I also worked on LWMS things again. I should go through my binders and folders and clean them out.

The peas and beans are in the freezer, so that is done for a few days.

The therapist had Mom walk from the bed to the doorway and back again with the walker. That really makes her tired.

And that's all, folks!

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