Tuesday, August 15, 2017



Mom is still in the hospital in Mobridge. The therapist stopped in to see her and said that she sure looked better than she had two weeks ago. So that is good to hear, but...

Terry and Charlie went to Dakota Fest in Mitchell. I stayed home to do some LWMS stuff and bookwork, but I didn't finish. Imagine that. I get side-tracked way too easily.

I picked some ears of corn from the garden, brought them to the house and laid them in the counter. Out came 2 of those ugly, ugly earwigs! I put the corn in the garage.

I rode bike over east to check on the cows. They were close to the gate, but when I opened the gate, they took off to the hinterlands. So I got a walk in, too.

Terry called on his way home to suggest that we should go out for supper and maybe a movie. It was almost 6:30 when he got home and the movie Nutcase2 started at 7:20, so rather than rush, we stayed home. We thawed the last 2 steaks that were in the freezer, Terry grilled them and we had corn on the cob and a nice potato from the garden for supper. It was very good. Couldn't have gotten any better in town.

We were going to watch a movie on Amazon, but the phone has been ringing quite a bit and it's already 9:30, so maybe we'll just go to bed. That would be OK, too.

46 years is unbelievable! Terry only has 4 more years of his sentence. Someone wanted to know how many moons we've been married. 46x12= 552 moons.

Goodnight from the "oldly-weds".

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  1. Oh, I am sorry that I forgot that it was your anniversary today! I usually remember yours, since you were the first and it was so hot that day. Happy Anniversary! We usually celebrate our anniversary by going to the grocery store and reading cards to each other. We're big spenders, huh?