Friday, August 11, 2017



I washed more clothes today and discovered that I hadn't checked pockets as well as I should have, because a lousy kleenex made a big mess! I get so disgusted when that happens. It was in the pocket of my denim skirt.

Terry told me how he cleaned out a small pipe that he'd used as a culvert in the pasture. It didn't have a very large diameter and the cows plugged it almost solid when they'd wade in the drainage ditch. Once Terry made a special culvert cleaner-outer. It is a long rod with a cultivator shovel on the end. He inserted it, gave it a twist and pulled it back out over and over until the pipe was clean. There was a space in the middle without mud, but there was some water and he found crawdads and minnows in there! I can understand the crawdads, but minnows?

We made the annual trip to Charlie and Elva's  to get sweet corn, but first we went to Millborne Seed to return a bag of grass seed. We ate dinner with C&E- of course we had corn on the cob, the guys picked corn and we left for Ivanhoe. That's where we take the lawn mower to get serviced. Now that we've had a little rain, the grass in the low spots is really growing, but the mower won't be ready for several days.

Charlie's mom died this week and the funeral will be on Monday. She was almost 102!

Terry raked hay south of the house and we had an early supper. Then we started husking corn. Terry had to take some tender ears to the house so he could eat them for an after supper snack. He just really likes corn on the cob! I resisted the temptation. This time.

Colossians 3:13 Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another.

Goodnight! KT&D

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