Thursday, August 10, 2017


The laundry hamper was full this morning, so I began washing clothes. The floors hadn't been swept for at least 10 days so I swept them and vacuumed a little. But Terry had done the dishes before I got home last night.

Reidly stopped by this afternoon; we sat out front and visited. When the clouds blocked the sun, we were quite comfortable, but when the sun popped out, we got really warm. Later, a neighbor girl stopped and asked me to buy cookie dough for the Deuel Volleyball team. I ended up buying a box of white chocolate/macadamia cookies.

The peas and beans needed picking, so I did that. I got almost an ice cream bucket of peas and about a 5-gallon pail of beans. Some of the pea plants are doing OK, but others are dying. Some died right after they sprouted, some died before blooming and others are dying now. There are 3 different kinds of beans- regular green beans, yellow beans, and romano beans. I gave the green and yellow beans to neighbor Bev since I didn't want to take care of all of them.

The butternut squash, the pumpkins, the cucumbers, etc. are taking over the garden. It is not easy walking around out there. There were 12 dinner plate-sized scallopini squash that I threw over the fence. For supper I hollowed one out, filled it with a hamburger concoction and baked it. I thought it was pretty good.

Terry worked at taking the lawn mower apart until he called the shop in Ivanhoe and they told him that if he takes too much apart, little gears will fall out and then he'll have problems.

Bev and Elaine said that Mom read the large print Meditations this morning, and she used the walker to walk from her bed to her bathroom- a distance of 15 feet, perhaps. (An aide was with her to make sure she didn't fall.) The PT and OT have begun and that wore her out today.

I have podded the peas, but have not frozen them, but I haven't done a thing with the beans. I think they'll wait until tomorrow.

It's time to put clean sheets on the bed. Goodnight!

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