Sunday, July 9, 2017


 This is one of the clouds that passed over us this evening, moving into MN. Tonya called to say that there were having storms with lots and lots of lightning + a little hail + wind, and that the clouds were really amazing to watch. She was sitting outside under the eaves with her coat on and a cup of coffee in her hand. A tornado watch is still on for their area.

Terry woke up at 5, checked the hay and decided to bale the field south of the house. When I got dressed I went out to help, raking the corners. We didn't make it to early church, but we made it Bible class and late church.

When I checked on the cows over east this morning, several cows were looking across the fence. I looked, too, and saw a coyote.

LuAnn's calf was with her this morning. Yesterday  morning the calf was in the same pen as the steers, Kermit and Thomas, so we had to lead her back to the her mother.

On the way home from church, we drove to Troy. We hadn't seen that old "town" for a long time. Then Terry decided to drive on a section line and we found some wild flowers.

 Wood lilies
 prairie cone flowers

Our thermometer showed 91 degrees. We heard it was 107 in Pierre and 104 in Mobridge.

We knew Betty had made a cherry crisp from cherries from their own tree, so we kind of invited
ourselves over. Pastor Z and Anne were there, too. We had a lot of fun visiting, but we need to get to bed. Goodnight.!

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