Thursday, July 6, 2017


Today the mercury only went to 88. The wind switched to the north late this afternoon and we have pleasant temps this evening! Yesterday we had 94, but out at Mobridge, it was 105--and so dry. But Mom said she talked to someone from Glendive, MT, at Burger King today and he said the Mobridge area looked good compared to their surroundings.

I forgot to mention yesterday that we turned LuAnn and her calf out on Tuesday. When I got up yesterday, I looked out and there was LuAnn, standing nice as pie and the calf was getting her belly filled. Incredible! Tonight I turned them out with the other cows. I walked out to check on them, and the calf was walking all over mooing for her mother, but LuAnn didn't pay any attention, of course. We'll have to keep watch.

Joe and Sam left before dinner. Samantha had to work this afternoon.

Terry found an oscillating sprinkler in the old shop that we had never used and put it in the garden. The wilty plants look much perkier after a good drink.

Terry baled the slough hay out back and got 19 Garrison foxtail bales off of about 5 acres.

3-4 years ago, our LWMS circuit had to update their bylaws, so 3 of us worked on that with help from someone on the Bylaws Committee. Well, when I became president of our circuit in April, I discovered that we had never actually finished the job. The corrections and changes were all there, but no one had typed it up. I did that this afternoon. It wouldn't have been quite so difficult if the computer wouldn't have gotten confused about what and how I wanted to do things!

Acts 16:34 The jailer brought them (Paul and Silas) into his house and set a meal before them; he was filled with joy because he had come to believe in God- he and his whole family.


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