Wednesday, July 5, 2017


We loaded up the old sectional this morning so I could drop it off at GSI after Bible class. I had several stops to make in town before Tonya and Mark were to get here. They were headed home to Courtland.  Ed and Pearl came with Tonya and Mark, while Joe came with Samantha. We had a nice visit before T,M, E, P left for Courtland. Samantha and Joe are staying overnight with us.

Terry put down the alfalfa south of the house because it was beginning to bloom. The kids and I rode 4-wheelers around Lone Tree and then over to Lake Alice. We drove on the submerged road on the south end and had a look at the new houses over there.

We grilled hamburgers for supper and I made sweet potato and regular potato chips to go with them. We really like the sweet potato chips and fries.
 Eddie's favorite chicken is on Terry's shoulder.

 Terry showed the kids how to hypnotize a chicken.

The kids set off some fireworks this evening. A small one they had was called "Google". It had white sparkles that exploded into different colors. Then they came in and we played a silly game called "Speak Out" that Samantha brought along. It's that goofy one where you put a special mouthpiece in your mouth and try to say the words on a card. Your partner is supposed to figure out what you are saying. It is very funny and the players look ridiculous with the plastic mouthpieces.

We heard that there were some showers near Mobridge this evening.

And another day is over. Goodnight.   Kathy, Terry, Samantha, Joe, and Dandi

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