Thursday, July 20, 2017


I was mowing the lawn this afternoon when Neighbor Bev drove over and told me to call my mom. Oooh-kaaaay. Mom said her heart rate escalated so she lay down for a while. Then she loaded the car and headed down the road. She was on her way here so we could go to the family reunion together tomorrow. When she got to Selby, she wanted to put gas in, but just didn't feel well. She called Doug, she tried calling me, Doug called Terry, Terry tried calling me, Terry called Craig who told his wife to get over here to find me. By the time Bev arrived, Mom had contacted Cousin Janine who said she'd drive Mom this direction if someone would meet them. I finished a small piece of mowing before I left here.

As I was driving lickety-split on the I-state, Terry called to say that he couldn't get home tonight. For whatever reason, his flight had been canceled and the soonest he could get to Sioux Falls would be 10 AM tomorrow. (Friday) After Terry checked on flights to different places, we decided he should stay there and rent a car to drive to the reunion near Tomah, WI. Then we had a change of mind and said he should fly to Sioux Falls in the morning and we'd pick him up and take him along with us. Doug said that didn't make a lot of sense- to fly all the way west only to turn around and go east. But those rellies living in or near Milwaukee had kids in car seats. David and Stephanie have 3 in car seats; Mark and Janet have 3 in car seats; Tom and Adriane have 2 in car seats--none of them would have room. Mom called Elaine and gave her the scoop and asked her to call T&A to see if they could pick Terry up and they said YES, they'd squeeze him in tomorrow. So Terry is staying at a motel near the airport and will get to the reunion without going back to Sioux Falls.

I met Mom and Janine at the Andover Wheat Growers terminal. Then Mom and I came this way and Janine went home. A million thanks, Janine!! How could we manage without you?

We were almost home when I realized the cat food was gone. The bag we bought last week was still in the car and the car was in Sioux Falls at the airport and not returning tonight. I made a couple calls about catfood with no success. Then Bev M. said she'd be going to Clear Lake tomorrow and would get a bag of cat food.

Mom went to bed quite a while ago because she was worn out. Those episodes leave her very tired. Why did she get one today when she hadn't had one since last summer??

I finished making cheese sauce for one of our meals and now it is bedtime. I'll have to pack in the morning for Terry and me.  Terry only took enough stuff to last 2 days. Vicki said Dandi can stay there for the duration.

I'd better hit the hay. Morning will come early.

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