Tuesday, July 11, 2017


94 degrees here today.

We've had rain! We been hearing thunder for quite  a long time now and we've had .06" of moisture. Some places have had wind and rain and HAIL. The west side of Watertown had a little rain + wind. Rosie said her hydrangeas don't look pretty anymore. On the east side we heard that an inch of rain fell + some pretty good-sized hail. It sure looked like places south of here got rain, too.

It was another dirty day.We needed to work with the cows some more, and I thought it would only take a little while. It took all morning and we didn't have dinner until 2. Naomi needed to have a toe trimmed, so we sorted her and her calf off. Some of the cows had to go over east. Some of the calves hadn't been vaccinated so we did that. The dust was bad. The cows like to kick dirt over their backs to deter flies, so they were busy making small dust storms. They have stood near the waterer and done that so much there's fine dust everywhere. I certainly hope the calves don't get dust pneumonia.

I actually saw LuAnn looking for her calf and then she mooed at it!! I am calling her calf Lottie.

When we finished that dirty work and had eaten dinner, Terry began haybining again and I began mowing the yard. Only in the low spots was there really green grass, but the lawnmower kicked up a lot of dirt. Showering to get clean this evening felt so good!

Monica had her calf this evening. Finally! We've been watching her for a couple weeks.

Terry found a robin's nest on a brace post.

Goodnight-- my eyes still have dust in them. The thunder and lightning continues...

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