Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I was up early to wash last night's dirty dishes, but still had a tough time getting to Bible class on time. Nevaeh had fun playing at the school playground. From there we went to GSI where Nevaeh got some "new" clothes.

We met Terry about noon at Culver's. He didn't go to town with me because he had to load the semi again and rake some hay before he could get to town for his dr. appointment. He saw Dr. Torness, the foot doc, for his bunions. The dr. said he's got some bad bunions and a lot of arthritis in his feet and said there are some things to try before for going through the surgery.

Terry got home before I did; I stopped for groceries. Nevaeh fell asleep on the way home. As soon as we unloaded the car, we jumped in and headed for Sioux Falls because Pam was flying in. After Nevaeh had said several times that she missed her mom and talked to her on the phone, I think Pam was missing her quite a bit, too. Since Pam had time to come now, she did. They will go home on Sunday.  Nevaeh stayed asleep most of the way. We hadn't told her that we were going to get her mom, and she was surprised and happy.

We still had chores to do when we got home at 10 PM. LuAnn had escaped and gotten in with Kermit and Thomas, so she was "free" most of the day. She was not happy when we separated her off and then let her calf suck. She wanted to butt and/or kick, so she got smacked on the nose a couple of times. Then she stood very nicely. But there is no sign that she has changed her mind on liking her baby.

And that's all for tonight. Bed is calling.          Kathy, Terry, Pam, Nevaeh, and Dandi

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