Sunday, June 25, 2017


We were late for  church because we didn't get up early enough to do chores and take apart the leaking pipe in the basement.  A couple of weeks ago we noticed a leak, but Terry fixed it. I noticed drips again on Friday, but forgot to tell Terry. Soooo, yesterday just before we left for that wedding, I remembered the leak and mentioned it to Terry who went to check it out.  He tried to tighten the pipe fittings, but that made matters worse, so we just turned the water off and left the premises.

This morning it leaked as bad as ever, so Terry took it apart and discovered a pin hole in a plastic fitting. It's an odd piece so finding a replacement was a challenge. Terry brought some parts home and worked on the plumbing and it seems to be OK. Then we realized that something was wrong with the cold water at the sink in the basement--There was no cold water. We didn't understand....Terry checked under the sink and the water had been turned off. We think Brandon probably did that when he was here a couple of weeks ago because he had said the faucet dripped really bad, but Eddie hadn't said a word about not having cold water at the sink down there.

LuAnn doesn't need the rope to be tight around her neck when her calf sucks.

Ruthie the sheep. She is so big!
At home, Terry said we'd better check on the cows in our pasture. He hadn't seen them on the way to church and we couldn't see any at 2 PM either. Chad had dropped a bull off in our pasture a couple of days ago. Well, of course, the bull had to fight with the red bulls in the adjacent pasture; they found the place where there was no electricity and tore the gate down. All the cows and 3 bulls were together. As we brought them to the yard to sort them, Karl and Louie began fighting so we pushed the cows and the black bull faster and left them in the dust. All at once Karl and Louie realized what was going on and they came running and didn't want to stop when I pulled the electric wire across to the slough. They snapped one wire and Karl jumped a wire and found himself in the slough. Louie charged on homeward. So we had to sort. Now the cows and the black bull are in the little pasture and Karl and Louie are back out where they belong.

We watched another movie from Amazon Prime tonight. This one was called Still Mine. It was good, it would have been a nice evening for a walk. The wind has finally died down!


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