Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Yo! I went to town for our women's Bible class and a dr. appt. Terry raked hay and Eddie mowed the yard after he woke up.

We gave serious consideration to going to the Crystal Springs Rodeo Xtreme Bull Riding tonight, but decided we'd try for tomorrow night or Friday because there will be more events on those nights. It was hot today, too, and sitting out there with the sun beating down didn't sound like a lot of fun. However, about the time the rodeo started, clouds formed in the northwest and the evening was very nice.

Terry moved bales  and Eddie and I messed around. We went over the cemetery which has really become overgrown and tried to get to Lake Alice on the back road, but couldn't because of all the downed trees.

There used to be a large headstone with Schwichtenberg on it, but I couldn't find it, and there used to be several small white stones and a few metal ones. We only found one small white stone and one metal one still there. I wonder if they have "walked" off, altho' the large marker would have been hard to remove from the site.

Some of the trees across the trail. They got me to thinking about the 2 really big trees on the hill east of Lake Alice. Are they still standing? Tomorrow I am going to find out.

 Terry suggested we drive over to the rodeo grounds just to see the lights and how many vehicles were there. There were lots!        Goodnight from here.    Kathy, Terry, Eddie, and Dandi