Friday, June 16, 2017


 Today's weather was a little cooler and very nice! Terry went to rake up the hay that was scattered around the field north of the house while I filled the loader with sticks and branches. Then I got a phone call, but I figured I could listen and talk while I rode the 4-wheeler over to the pasture to check on the cows. I opened the gate while on the phone, I counted critters, came back through the gate, but couldn't close it with one arm/hand. The phone call ended and I closed the gate and hurried home. I added more branches to the pile and headed to the burning pile with them. I had to open 3 gates to get there. Fortunately I had the sense to close the 2nd gate before I opened the 3rd one because as soon as Karl saw the open gate, he went running and jumping through it. He went to see LuAnn and then Louie, Kermit and Thomas followed him. The easiest way to get the bulls back to their pen was to chase LuAnn into the shed so the bulls couldn't see her. After that they dutifully went home. Terry came home then and I said we should eat an early dinner. Ladies Mission was this afternoon and I was going and I wanted to have some time to look over my books. I am the secretary and last month I had forgotten all about the meeting. Terry really wanted to hook up the baler first, but, OK, he'd come in to eat.  His knee was really bothering him, so he thought he should go along to town to visit the chiropractor. Fine. Then the forecast called for rain this afternoon. OK! Hurry up! Hook up the baler and do it! I helped with that and when I came in I had another phone call that lasted awhile. Then I washed my hair. I'd barely gotten it brushed when Terry said to come with the 4-wheeler to open a couple gates so he could finish baling another small area. My hair was really 'blow-dried' and stuck out in many goofy directions after that, so I started over when we got back to the house and Terry changed clothes. We got in the pickup and took off. I opened the binder to read through what had happened last month and realized that I'd never written down the notes that the president had sent to me. At the meeting I asked if I could resign my position, but it didn't happen. We all had a good laugh and one of the other members told about her morning, too.

We didn't get home until 8 tonight! Terry needed to stop at AT&T because his phone wasn't working. I waited and waited and waited in the pickup. When he finally came, he came out with a smart phone! Supposedly parts couldn't be gotten for his flip-phone.

Tonight's sunset. It was so nice that I walked to the choke cherry bush on the back hill. I could make it because the water in the low spot is gone.          

By the way, there was a tornado Sunday morning. It didn't touch the ground, but was roof-top level
1 1/2 miles east and 2 1/2 north. Lots of tree damage and some roof damage. It was where Terry's cousin's son and his wife live and had brought home their new-born baby a couple of days earlier.


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