Saturday, June 10, 2017


The oriole's nest in the maple tree on the east side of the house.

We were rudely awakened at 5 AM by Brandon's phone. It was on the kitchen counter and he was asleep on the couch in the family room. We heard it, but he did not. We heard it 3-4 times and he never heard it at all, and we don't know how to run his phone. Finally Terry put it in the garage, but he could still hear it, so he put it in the car.

Altho' the hot south wind blew hard all night and most of the morning, Terry baled as much as he could before the swaths blew away.

We had a good dinner- beef w/gravy on potatoes, and corn. Pam fixed us sweet potatoes the way she makes them for her girls. She slices them like French fries, adds some cilantro, and fries or grills them in olive oil. Only today she baked them, but she said they would have been better if they'd have been grilled.

After dinner everyone except me drove over to a consignment auction about 5 miles east of here. By this time the wind wasn't as strong and the temps had dropped some, but Pam and Bridget still got sunburned.

Brandon and Bridget left late this afternoon. It's funny, but Bridget and her family need to be in Montevideo tomorrow morning. If the kids would have only known where Montevideo is, they could have brought their good clothes and left from here tomorrow.

We should leave here by 7:30 tomorrow to get to 8:30 church in Brookings and then to Sioux Falls so Pam and Nevaeh can catch their flight back to AZ.

Nevaeh and I were playing a game tonight and she was trying to tell me the rules, but I couldn't understand what she was trying to tell me. Finally she said, "I don't speak your language!"Nevaeh, Bridget, and Brandon
Terry grilled hamburgers for a picnic in the trees and Dandi kept her eyes on Nevaeh and her food.

  Everyone has gone to bed and that's where I'm going, too. Goodnight! 
Kathy, Terry, Pam, Nevaeh, and Dandi

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