Thursday, May 4, 2017


We were certainly busier today than I thought we were going to be. We took Marcy's calf to the vet this morning. He just wasn't improving- still so lethargic. Our thermometer showed a definite fever, but when Mark took it, it was real high again. Mark really didn't know what to think. His lungs were OK, but maybe his bronchial tubes were the problem.  So the calf got 2 different nasalgens, a couple sulpha pills, something for bacterial pneumonia and something for viral pneumonia +Resflor which has a fever-reducer in it.  He looks just fine in this picture.
Terry went to trap a pocket gopher before dinner and I went through the bank statements.  After dinner went over to Chad's to get their 2 bottle lambs and Ruthie.  The rest of the ewes have lambed,but Ruthie's babies aren't due for 3-4 weeks. We haven't worked out any kind of deal on this enterprise yet.

 The little boy lamb is a Finn cross and the little girl is a Hamp.
I'm thinking about naming the black one Kokomo and the white one simply Finn or Huckleberry.

While we were over there, Chad said old Bertha had her calf and the calf's head was swollen, so we went out to look. His head was pretty much normal by then, but he hadn't gotten up. We tried to get him up, but he couldn't stand because his legs and feet turned under. "We can fix that, " we told Chad. We went home to get the splints and duct tape. Terry and Chad taped them on his front feet, but he needed splints that would go past his "knees".  So, back home we went and came back with longer ones. Then we decided we should have Bertha and her calf over here so we can work with them. Chad has several critters in the "vet" pen and had no place for this one. This is CALamity with his splints; they are heavy, but he can stand and he can walk around with them. Poor guy, when he gets tired he has to tip over because his legs don't bend. Ernie did that last year, but after a while he learned to get up and down with the splints on.
 We looked Cal over and he has other problems besides his feet and legs. He has a definite kink in his tail (not a big deal), his lower jaw juts past his upper jaw, and his boy parts are almost non-existent. Tomorrow morning we will see if he can stand good enough to try to suck. We don't understand why he has all these problems, esp. the swollen head and leg problems. He is not a big calf.
 Evening shadows.  Goodnight!

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