Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Altho' I'd gotten up plenty early, I still had to hurry out of here to get to the women's Bible class this morning. Then, when I was a few miles down the road, I remembered that I would run into road construction at the Goodwin corner. Gr-r-r-r. I could have gone to the detour road from our place, which is a couple miles south of us and avoided slowing down to go through Goodwin. Lesson learned.

We had a good Bible class this morning. From there I went to Agri-Tech to buy lamb creep. I think we'll get Chad and Hannah's 2 bottle lambs tomorrow. I had a box of stuff for Rosie, so she met me at Agri-Tech, and since it was almost lunch time, we ate at the Prairie Stop. Then I went to the library and GSI where I helped until closing. Ladies Club started at 6:30. This was our last meeting before September, and a nice group was in attendance. The gals who were serving made some really good food- a lettuce salad with raspberries and a raspberry dressing, a green bean potato salad with bacon, onions and goat cheese, tuna-filled croissants, and an open-faced sandwich with cream cheese, cucumber and a thin slice of turkey. The last was served on a very good bread that had little seeds on the crust. I imagine that those little seeds were stuck in my teeth when I gave the LWMS report. Cute!

Meanwhile, back at home, Terry looked at a wheel rake near Clear Lake and I think he bought it. It rained .19" here and I saw lightning on my way home from town. Terry worked on the CRP pasture fence until he ran out of insulators. (I bought another bag of them at Running's.)


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