Thursday, May 18, 2017


Our rainfall total almost made it to 2 inches- 1.97". Skies were cloudy much of the day and a chilly northeast wind blew.

I gave CAL a vitamin B shot this morning to improve his appetite and he drank his usual 1/2 gallon jugful. He was perkier all day, too.

I made asparagus soup for dinner, but it wasn't very good. Maybe I should use a recipe next time...

Terry went to the closing ceremony of Grant-Deuel School. He was in the first graduating class from Grant-Deuel in 1966. The Revillo High School had burned, and when the school was rebuilt, it became Grant-Deuel. When he came home he fixed a leak in the basement and mowed the lawn.

I took a short walk after dinner. I haven't been walking at all- not since we began picking up the results of the ice storm. It's definitely time to get started again.

I found several stalks of asparagus in the ditches alongside our road. : )

I worked in the yard transplanting some volunteer trees from beneath the azalea bush to the north fence. I was not very kind to those little trees, so if they don't make it, it's probably my fault. I cut a few dead branches out of the apple trees. I don't think we will be getting much fruit this summer. The apricot blossoms froze and the apple trees are not blooming very heavily. Neither the Wealthy nor the Fireside apple trees have many blossoms. And the pear tree is blooming now- after the plums have finished. Since we have only one pear tree and we are supposed to have 2 to get pears, I have thought the plums have been helping to pollinate the pear tree.

Goodnight everyone! It's time for my mini-vacation. Woo-hoo!

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