Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Terry woke up early this morning during a thunder storm. He said there was some pea-sized hail and .1" of rain. I woke up when it was about over.

I had a dentist appointment this morning and had a tough time getting out of here. Where does the time go? We were outside by 7 and there weren't all that many chores to do.

After seeing the dentist I made a couple of stops and then helped at GSI the rest of the day. I found some bargains, too. I was gathering up my things and talking to Betty when it dawned on me that ESL classes were being held in Milbank this evening at 6! I had forgotten all about them and there was no way I could get to Milbank from Watertown by 6. I called Terry and he had forgotten, too. He said he'd get ready to go, but I called Pastor Z, and he had a helper coming, so he'd probably be OK without either of us. ESL classes haven't been held since the end of February,and it's hard to get back in the groove for them and for us. Pastor mentioned that Arley decided to go back to Mexico and left last week.  I wish I could have told him good-by; he was such a nice guy.

Terry went to Lynne's funeral, finished putting up the garden fence, and checked on the orchard grass seeding. With the rains we've had the last couple of days, the soil has softened and grass is poking through all over. We are very thankful!

When I finally made it home this evening, Terry told me to quick get my clothes changed because Ruthie was in labor.  We were hoping for twins, but she only had one lamb. He has strange markings, esp. the one on his back.

 Tonight's sunset.

 The 'poured' acrylic picture Tonya gave me for Mother's Day. She explained the process, but I didn't understand it. One part of the process involves using a torch. The swirls remind me of  Easter eggs that have been dipped in the oily dye.

Terry's bunions have suddenly gotten worse, esp. the right one. He is in pain. Time for bed. Goodnight! 

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