Friday, May 12, 2017



We just finished supper- Terry grilled steaks. We haven't eaten steak for a long time and it was very good.

Since Marcy's calf seems to be growing well only sucking on 2, and CAL wouldn't even try to suckle her no matter how hard we tried,  we turned Marcy and her calf out again. They joined Ramona and her calf.

We are now on plan J or K. Maybe not that far down the alphabet, but after thinking about this deal with CALvin or CALahan or CALamity or CALcium or CALipers or CALdron or CALcify or CALyx or CALypso, we decided to ask if Chad a calf that would be happy having Bertha for a mother. We picked up a small black orphan from him and tonight that little thing happily sucked with gusto! We had Bertha in the headgate and one of her rear feet tied, but she didn't seem to mind too much. (We've been doing that anyway when I milked her.)

Ideally, if everything would go like I think it should, CAL will catch on to sucking a teat, too, and Bertha could take care of two! Ha- like that will ever happen. CAL expects us to stick the rubber nipple in his mouth and if he stops sucking to catch his breath, he doesn't know how to get the nipple back in his mouth.

We made a quick trip to town this afternoon. Terry needed a couple things and I shopped at Hy-vee to get some Friday-Saturday specials.

This is a 'blossom' from the maple tree north of the house. This is what comes next: LEAVES
And now I'm going to read another chapter in the book SWIMMING TO ANTARCTICA by Lynne Cox. It's a good story.

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