Thursday, August 25, 2016


Bev and Mom left before 9 this morning. Terry went to move bales over to Bob's, and I did chores and mixed up honey-wheat bread.

It was a cool morning with strong winds from the northwest. Finally the wind died down this evening, but I don't think we saw 70 degrees.

I checked the cows up north and gave them more salt. They seem to be doing A-OK. We are going to have to set up some corral panels over east to bring Lantry home. The swelling in his ankle is getting worse.

I began mowing the yard again. Terry mowed the entire yard on Monday and it already needs a trim.

My brother Nick and his wife are in the area. I had e-mailed Nick to ask when he would be coming this way again, and they came a couple days ago. Today he had time to come out to tune the piano.
It was quite flat, but now it sounds much better. It sounds "brighter". We had a nice visit when he finished.

I picked all the plums. Yesterday an oriole flew out of the tree, and today, many plums had peck marks. I had thought the oriole was pecking at the plums, but now I think earwigs are the cuprits. An earwig was in the container that I used for the plums, so I googled them and found out that they like all kinds of things, including plums! YUCK!

  I could not find the big green caterpillar.

And now it is time to hit the hay!                      Kathy, Terry, and Dandi


I was the first one up today because I had a lot on my mind. I said I would help with the entertainment at the GSI Volunteer Supper and I had to get to work on it.

Mom, Bev, and I took a walk, but before we'd gone very far, Mom said she should head back home. Bev and I kept going and I had thought we'd make it to Lake Alice via the tar. When we still had a mile to go, my feet said, "NO MORE!", so we turned around and went home. Bev almost always walks 8 miles/day.

This afternoon Terry headed to Watertown for oil filters for the loader tractor. We drove to Clear Lake so Mom could visit with Liz B. We also stopped at Joyce's for a bit.

Later this afternoon we were checking the plums again to see if we could find any ripe ones and this is what we found: a Cecropia caterpillar,. He will spin a coccoon, and a large moth with brown, gray, and rust coloring will emerge.

Mom, Bev and I played another game of Scrabble after a spaghetti supper. Mom won this time.
Terry didn't have enough oil for the oil change and I guess Pete is bringing him some yet tonight.

The 'party' will be over tomorrow when Mom heads west and Bev heads east. Goodnight.
Kathy, Terry, Mom, Bev, and Dandi

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Sometimes we get lucky- Terry turned Calista and Ernie out with the other cows this morning.

Knowing that we'd be sitting in the car for several hours today, Bev and I took a 3-mile walk before breakfast.  Mom, Bev, and I left before 9:30 so we could stop to see Dorothy Rabenberg. She has been living at an ass't living place in Sioux Falls for a couple years now. It was good to see her. I don't know when I saw her last. From there we went to eat at the Supreme Buffet. Goodness knows, we didn't want to starve to death.

After eating we headed to Sanford to see Dr. Asfora. He was located in the former VandeMark Clinic. That clinic is being remodeled and there's a lack of signage so we had trouble finding a way to get in. We made it and Mom's app't went very smoothly. HOWEVER, since the meningioma's that seemed to be of concern by other doctors, did not concern Dr. Asfora. He asked, "Why were you sent to see me?". Anyway, he thinks when Mom had problems it's because of her heart and the blood thinner she is on. We were glad that he didn't think there was anything seriously wrong with Mom, but somewhat disgusted to think that she had to go all the way Sioux Falls for the appointment. Oh, well, we did have a good time. When we finished seeing the Dr., we drove over to see Sarah K., and her kids. They held a water fight in the back yard.

We were home by 6:30, made bacon and eggs for supper, and played a game of Scrabble. Bev won.

Terry was finally able to bale the hay he had down for quite some time. It is not top quality hay anymore and it was moldy from the rain and humidity the last several days.

Useless trivia: Yesterday when Terry filled gas in Revillo, he put in $56.56 worth of gas. When I filled the car at Cenex in Watertown yesterday, I put in $43.43.

Here's another one: Bev noticed that her car showed 181,018 miles on it and the temperature was 81 degrees.

I'm the last one up and am ready to go to bed! Goodnight. Kathy, Terry, Mom, Bev, Dandi

Monday, August 22, 2016


Last night Terry put Calista and Ernie together, even tho' Calista had kicked and pushed him around. This morning when I did chores, I wondered if Ernie had been able to get a snack, because Calista's teats looked a little puckered and empty. Later Calista came through the gate and I was able to get Ernie to come through a different gate. Immediately he tried to suck. At first Calista kicked, but I stood right in front of her and told her if she didn't behave herself, I was going to get the rope and tie her.  She stood still and even licked Ernie's rear as he was eating. We think it's a match, altho' we didn't have time to check on them this evening.

Terry borrowed Chad's dart gun again and we headed to the north pasture to treat Barney. Today we couldn't hear him breathing so heavy or making any weird throaty noises (but it was so windy, it was hard to hear anything...). Anyway, we watched him for awhile. He did not  act sick. He did not look sick. His ear were not hanging low. We did not treat him. Instead, we went to the east pasture where lame Lantry lives, and Terry used the dart gun to give him an antibiotic. Lantry got the medicine on the right side of his neck. He took off at a run, causing the others to run, too. We found the dart, and Terry was disappointed to learn that there was still vaccine in it, so Lantry didn't get a full dose. We didn't try again, but we may have to in a few days.

I was back to see the dentist by 3 so the temporary crown could be re-glued. That didn't take long and I was off to buy a few specials at the grocery stores. Then I filled gas, and on the way past Culver's, the car just turned into Culver's so I could buy a couple mini-concrete mixers- one for me and one for Terry who stayed home. About a mile out of town, the temporary crown came off AGAIN! I turned around and headed back to the dentist as fast as I could. The CDA or dentist or whoever she was had her work cut for her, but she finally got it glued back on the way it should be.

By the time I reached home, my sister Bev, was here. Terry was mowing. Bev and I got busy picking up the apples under the trees. When we were about finished, Mom pulled in, too.

When we finished picking up all those windfalls, Terry mowed under the trees.

Bev brought brats for supper;  and Terry grilled them.

And now its time to hit the hay.
 May the LORD bless you and keep you.  Kathy, Terry, Mom, Bev, and Dandie

Sunday, August 21, 2016


We didn't wake up very early, but made it to church at 8 bells. And then, we were home by 10:15. We could have been home 1/2 hour earlier, but we stayed for coffee hour.

The weather was gorgeous this afternoon. The northerly breeze quit and the temperature was in the 70's.

We checked cows over east and up north. Lantry is still limping, and now his ankle looks swollen. Up north, I think Barney may have a touch of pneumonia. We stopped by Pete and Betty's instead of coming home right away. Had a good visit.

Not so sure Calista will accept Ernie. She was very ornery tonight.

Terry is visiting a neighbor.

Ciao!  KT&D

Saturday, August 20, 2016



Hi~ The temps dropped during the night and a cool northwest wind was blowing this morning. It rained some more. Can hardly believe all the moisture. Pretty crazy. Throughout the day we had short cloudbursts and have gotten .29" more.

It was clear for quite awhile, so I washed a couple loads of clothes and hung them out. Then I headed to the garden. Even tho' it was muddy, I picked muddy beans, found one nice red tomato, and lots of sweet corn that was ready. Well, not LOTS, but I planted 3 varieties in my little garden, and all three were ready at the same time.

About noon, I had to get the clothes off the line even tho' some of it was quite damp, because a big dark cloud was bearing down on us.

I met Mom and Stephanie H. at GPLHS for the opening service at 4. Pastor Hansen was the liturgist and Pastor Rodewald from South Carolina was the preacher. It was a very nice service.

We decided to make cooler corn and take it to Kevin's potato salad contest this evening. We began by husking the corn and layering it in a cooler. Then boiling water - enough to cover the ears- was added and the lid closed.  It takes about 1/2 hour for the corn to cook, but it stays warm in the cooler for a long time. I didn't make any potato salad, but 10 different cooks gave it a try. Once again, Margaret-Ann won the contest. She's Kevin's mother and had won the coveted bottle of wine once before (and she doesn't drink.) Everyone who showed up brought a dish to pass; Kevin and Sarah supplied the pulled pork for the sandwiches.

We tied Calista twice today so Ernie could suck. It's a love/hate relationship. Calista moos at Ernie. She stands next to the fence where he stands. She lies as close to him as she can get. BUT she  butts him and won't let him suck unless we tie her. Then she stands nice as pie.
  Although the rains have caused the grass to turn green and grow, there are still spots of dead grass like this. I think we have a disease or a fungus that causes those bare spots. In most of those bare spots, weeds have taken over.

Zechariah 1:3 Therefore tell the people: This is what the LORD Almighty says: "Return to me, " declares the LORD Almighty, " and I will return to you."

Sleep tight.    Kathy, Terry, and Dandi

Friday, August 19, 2016


ON the road again...

We had more rain during the night. This time 1.2 inches! It seems quite amazing that it can rain that much here, because the showers went around us for a long time. Water puddles are beginning to sit a while before disappearing.

We were in town by 7:30 for Terry's lab work. Afterward we went to McD's for breakfast, and I called the vet to see when we could bring Julius in. The only time was 10:30 and that would be nip and tuck whether or not we could make it, but we took it. I also tried to call to see the dentist, but he's closed on Fridays. Last night the temporary crown came off. AGAIN! And all I did was use the water pick. I hope the permanent crown works better than that! Dr. Oleson had been after to me to get that tooth crowned for a long time, but I'd always put it off. He (Dr. Oleson) had filled it a couple of times and both times he did such a good job that the fillings lasted for years.

Terry's dr. app't went OK, but we hurried out to get Julius loaded and to the vet on time. It really didn't take Jeff long to open up the lump to get the infection out. At least a gallon of pus was in there. Jeff flushed the wound with water and then squirted iodine in it. Then he gave him some Durapen.

We ate dinner at home and then we both went back to town. I went to Ladies Mission while Terry went to get some meds and a pneumonia shot. He went to Walmart to get his pneumonia shot and then he was told he should have a flu shot, too. That little excursion only took 45 minutes. We don't think the Walmart pharmacy is ever speedy. Then Terry paid off the diesel bill and a vet bill and it was time to pick me up.

Only 5 women attended Ladies Mission this afternoon. Pastor Carter's lesson was on the 1st commandment. We enjoy the Bible lessons. Because the group is small, we can all talk and discuss the topic. (And lunch was pie.)

Back at home we tied Calista so Ernie could have a meal. He misses his mother and Calista kind of wants to be his mother. We have thought more about Craig's disappearance and it just doesn't make sense. There should be a body somewhere. We've thrown calf carcasses on the rock pile and coyotes will chew on them and sometimes pull them off, but they don't pull them so far away that remains can't be found. Or they  might chew on them and make off with a leg bone, but the entire carcass doesn't disappear.

It was Hot Dog Days in Clear Lake tonight, so we drove in. Terry's favorite is the dog on a stick and I think he had 3 of those. Besides hotdogs of various types to eat, there was milk, root beer floats,  and cheesy nachos. A man make things out of balloons for the kids and someone was doing face-painting. Of course, we visited with neighbors and other acquaintances.

I should clean up the kitchen. I didn't have time throughout the day to do it, and I'll be happier tomorrow if I do it tonight.

The neighbor's potato salad contest is tomorrow evening and I didn't have time to make mine today. It tastes best if it sits for a day or so, so maybe I just won't make any. I can just take something else to eat it we go.

Kathy, Terry and Dandi