Sunday, March 26, 2017


We made it to Bible class and late church. Then we went to eat with Orrin and Linda. Terry suggested the buffet at the Chinese restaurant by Cenex on 212. OK. Dave and Rosie joined us, too. We hadn't been there for a long time. And we aren't going back for a long time. The selection was poor, the food wasn't real warm, the dishes didn't seem to be very clean, and they only give us a fork to use. The spoons for the soup and ice cream were in a tub on the counter.

In between eating and the concert, we stopped at THE MALL. Since Penny's will be closing, we'd heard there might be some really good sales. Well, the super-duper sales haven't started yet, but I found a couple of dresses to bring home. Maybe I should return them and take my chances by waiting for the super-duper sales??

The GPLHS Spring sacred concert was at 3; the theme was Psalms.  The Freshmen sang Come Fill My Heart, Lord  by Timothy G. Bushong. I really liked that one. And the Honor choir sang O Church Arise by Getty and Townend- another good one. Of course, they were all nice. I just mentioned a couple of my favorites.

Chad said that 'our' cows have been having calves. Today Nova had hers. Viola was her calf last year.
Terry and I took a walk this evening. He was just going to walk on the road, but I talked him into walking on the section line toward Lake Alice. He made it to the choke cherries and then went past a ways. I hiked further, but he didn't follow. On the way back I stopped at a rock pile to call Mom, and then Terry passed me. When I finished, I figured I could run down the hill to catch him. Wow, that was fun running down the hill.! My stride was nice and long and gravity was helping and then whoomp! I fell down. I don't know why. I figured enough inertia should have been built up to keep me going for quite a distance...

It is still overcast tonight...will the sun shine tomorrow?  So long from the armpit of SD.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Altho' the sun set bright orange last night, and the forecast called for some sunshine today, it didn't happen. I was excited to hear about the sunshine that was coming so I washed 2 loads of clothes and hung them to dry. This evening I put them in the dryer.

We decided to attend the H-D Annual meeting at the Hamlin school. H-D is our electric cooperative.Terry is an advisor to our local directors, and since nothing else was going on, we drove over. The give-away item this year was a 1/2 gallon RedWing crock! It is really nice. For lunch we were served beans, pig's wings, chips, and SDSU ice cream. We had never had pig's wings, and we found them to be very good. (Someone called the meat pork wings.) The pig's wings had a small bone running through them and we couldn't figure out what part of the pig was used to make them. Back at home, I was cutting ham off the ham bone from last Monday, and I think I found the part that could make a pig's wing. There is a small bone alongside the big bone in a ham that would work really well.

The meeting lasted only an hour, and we didn't win anything in the drawings. We stopped at the nursing home to see Tim on our way home. As we entered the middle hall, we met Toshara on her way out. We hadn't seen her for years, so we visited a while. She and her son, Whitley, had come to visit Grandpa. Tim can move his left leg some and wiggle his toes. His left arm is still quite useless.

Terry took a load of hay over to Carol after we got home, and we took a walk. On our way home the east wind blew mist in our faces. Will the sun shine tomorrow when we'll be in town all day?

The Spring Concert at GPLHS that was to be held a couple of weeks ago, but was cancelled because of the blizzard will be held tomorrow at 3. (Usually the concerts are at 4, so I'm not sure if 3 is correct.)

Jeremiah 10:23-24 This is what the LORD says, "Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom or the strong man boast of his strength or the rich man boast of his riches, but let him who boasts boast about this" that he understands and knows me, that I am the LORD who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight," declares the LORD.
                                                                                                                            Kathy, Terry, and Dandi

Friday, March 24, 2017


It has seemed like Saturday to me, not Friday.

Some of the kids that stayed here last night woke up really early. Why? I don't know. Their electronics didn't work because the router was unplugged, so they must have visited. They said they could sleep in the van. Some of the kids were getting to be more comfortable around us and would talk more. Paul had them out of here and headed west by 7:20.

It was foggy when the kids left, but eventually the air cleared. However, the clouds stayed around almost all day. There were a couple dabs of sunshine, so I washed a load of clothes and hung them out late this afternoon. Even tho' the sun stayed hidden, the clothes mostly dried on the line.

Terry put up a couple of the blinds that I ordered. The ones in the dining room are up. He is saving the larger ones for another time.

Yesterday when Terry and I were sorting through old papers, I found this 'account of Norm and Ella's courtship and marriage' that was written for their 60th wedding anniversary:

Long before I was ever born,
My aunt Ella met my uncle Norm.
Norm had wondered about the red-haired lass
Who sat beside him in history class.

Both went to school at NLA;
Norman journeyed from far away.
He hailed from somewhere called White Butte,
And thought his classmate was kinda cute.

(Dad told me that Norman really came from
Watauga,but what rhymes with that?)

Norman and Ella walked by the river.
It was windy and cold- she started to shiver.
So Norman took her cold hands in his,
And behind a tree they had their first kiss.

While Ella taught school in Akaska,
Norman decided he would aska
To be his sweet wife
To stand beside him all of his life.

After Norman popped the question,
And Ella said yes,
She soon borrowed
Her sister's wedding dress.

It was before God
And in front of the altar
They promised their love
Would last forever after.

Then off to the reception
Which was quite an event-
It was held at the farm
In a large army tent.

Of course, no one could know
Where life would take them,
But off they drove
In Norm's Studebaker.

Norman worked for Ella's folks,
Plowing the ground and planting the oats.
They built a house- tho' rather small,
And soon kids filled it wall-to-wall.

Roger was the first born son.
Their second boy was Tom.
One hot July came baby Tim
The only girl was my cousin, Gin.

In '63 they bought a new farm
and built a new house over west.
A few years later, son Andy
Was added to their warm, cozy nest.

A while back they moved to town,
But Norm still works out on the farm.
While in winter they go arm in arm
To Arizona where it's warm.

So much time has passed-
Many years of history-
After all, they were married
In the first half part of the last century.

Sixty years came on the 12th of September.
And it's been fun to sit back and remember
Some of the events of their life
Since they became husband and wife.


Thursday, March 23, 2017


I just finished popping a large bowl of popcorn for the East Fork kids. They should arrive around 9:30 from the Cities.

We had heavy clouds that gave us some rain and some hail. The largest stones were about 1/2" in diameter.  And we heard THUNDER a couple of times. Tonight it is really foggy.

I finally finished uploading (or downloading. Whatever.) my pictures from 2015 to a flashdrive. Now I can start 2016.

Terry got busy sorting through a bunch of papers and documents, throwing many of them away, but filing others. He worked at that from before dinner until evening. Much of it was in a cardboard box that was sitting on the floor in the computer room. It is so nice to have that out of here!

Chad said they had a couple of bottle lambs that don't suck very well. Would I want them? I didn't give him a definite answer, but I cleaned a pen in the barn this afternoon and found the lamb nipples. This evening we drove over to see if he was serious, but no one was home.

He said that Bettina had a calf this morning. He thought it was funny that a black cow with a white face had a red calf. Well, Bettina is 1/4 Holstein and 3/4 red Simmental and the calf's sire is a red Gelbvieh.

I baked a batch of cookies and made a pan of pumpkin bars for the kids to take with them tomorrow.

For supper we had lamb steaks that Chad had given us. They were very good. Neither of us ever remembers eating lamb steaks.

I should frost the pumpkin bars.

Psalm 37:28-29 For the LORD loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones. They will be protected forever.

The van just pulled up. Adios!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Another chilly, windy day here. Today the wind was from the south east. A few snow flurries came, but not as much as originally thought would come.

We went to town after an early dinner. I got my hair cut. Then I helped at GSI while Terry took care of some business.  Carol took me to church with her because I knew she'd get me there on time; Terry didn't arrive until after church started. Pastor Lindhorst preached tonight. The Boy Pioneers served hotdogs for everyone afterwards.

And that's all from here. Not much going on.  KT&D

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Terry had to be in Clear Lake to get his teeth cleaned and he stayed in town ALL day. His visit to the dentist took a long time and then he visited Tim at the nursing home. Altho' he can't get himself up or anything, after a machine is used to get him up, Tim can stand and move a little now.

It was a chilly day. With temps in the up 20's, one would have thought it would be quite nice outside. I thought the wind was just plain cold! I took a short walk, but got cold and I was wearing my bibs, a sweatshirt and a coat.

The 2016 receipts and records and bank statements are all put away! So glad to have that stuff out of here. Now I can start on the 2017 bookwork.

I just spent several hours making a small Snapfish book for Nevaeh. The offer was for a free book, but the function to make the book gave me grief. I'm also glad that is finished. Bed awaits. Goodnight!

Monday, March 20, 2017



Paul and his van load of kids didn't get here until after midnight. I didn't quite understand what took so long, but it is quite a distance from Ft. Collins to here. They came with sleeping bags and pillows, so bedding wasn't a problem. The girls and their chaperone, Velita, had the 2 east bedrooms and the boys had the other 2 bedrooms. Paul slept on the couch in the play room.

Some of the kids got up earlier than I thought they would, while others slept until after 10 this morning. Most of them went outside to check out the playhouse/zipline or take walks. Some of them went over to Lone Tree. It was chilly, so they didn't stay out very long at one time.                
 Breakfast wasn't anything fancy, and dinner was ham + cheezy potatoes + corn or beans  + cookies. Nobody went hungry. They left here at 12:30 to visit Martin Luther College in New Ulm.

Pete came over to get his JD this afternoon, and I thought it would be fun to have him and Betty come for supper. It would be leftovers from today and Saturday night. They joined us and we were able to have a nice visit.

At any rate, these old people didn't get very much sleep last night, and even tho' I had a nice nap, bed sounds wonderful! Goodnight!