Monday, June 18, 2018


A year and a half ago, we bought a small fishing boat from my sister, Bev. Last summer I looked into getting it licensed, but there were a few snags and Terry was too busy haying to care. Today he decided to get the registration and licensing taken care of so we can use it. He was frustrated when he came home.

The trailer seems to be homemade, but it needs #'s stamped on the frame. There are 2 guys in Clear Lake who do that. Since it was 11:45, one guy had gone home for dinner. The other guy simply wasn't around. Terry messed around until 1pm to get the #'s stamped. 8 numbers at $2 each. Then the sheriff was supposed to inspect the # to make sure it matched the paper. The sheriff was in MN somewhere, and the deputy was over by Lake Cochrane. So that didn't happen. The gal at the courthouse needs to know what kind of boat it is. My sister found that out; it wasn't anywhere on the boat. (It's a Lund.) Next, she needs to fill out a "bill of sale". Fortunately I will see her in a couple days and take care of that. I'd better not forget!

I washed a couple loads of laundry and it dried! We had mostly clouds that looked like they could drop sprinkles much of the day.

I also did bookwork for a couple of hours. Terry was able to mow 2/3 of the yard.

Chad and Hannah came over to check on some of the calves, and Terry talked them into staying for supper. I served left-over spaghetti;  we had an enjoyable visit.

Terry's ears got lowered after we took a short walk.
 The lilac tree is blooming; the peonies are fading.


Sunday, June 17, 2018


All of us made it to early church on time. We weren't sure the kids would get moving fast enough to do it because the girls' light was still on at 11:20. We didn't have our usual Bible class this morning. Pastor Janke asked Paul to say a few words about what was going on at East Fork and why he was here with 6 students. (We had never heard Paul speak and we thought he did a great job. !) After that Pastor L. Schlomer spoke about world missions. That was very, very interesting! He'll be speaking at the LWMS convention this week, too.

When it was over, we made a quick stop at TSC to buy cat food and then we hurried home to make dinner. Paul and his group were given a tour of St. Martin's by Amber Guthmiller. So by the time they returned, the hamburgers were grilled and the cheezy potatoes warmed up. Nobody had time to mess around because they were to be at Sibley St. Park by 2:30 for orientation. One of the girls heard that her grandma died, so Paul was trying to figure out how they were going to get her home for the funeral. I wanted a group picture, but rain was coming down at a good clip when they left, so it didn't happen.

This afternoon Terry and I checked cows and then took leftover rhubarb cake to a neighbor who really, really likes anything rhubarb. We also drove up to Pete and Betty's with more pieces of cake and muffins for a visit.

This evening we were invited to supper at Jo and Tom's. Supper was really good and then we played double hearts. We sure have been having fun playing that because the outcome is so unpredictable.

It rained while we were in town and it rained even more out here. Our total since yesterday is over an inch. Now we are hoping for a few days of breezy sunshine so Terry can bale all the hay that is down.
  The cats have been enjoying the little tractor while it sits near the barn.

Of course it is late again. Goodnight!

Saturday, June 16, 2018


I spent almost the entire day in the kitchen. I volunteered us to serve between services tomorrow, so I made some rhubarb cakes, bran muffins and no-bake cookies. Then, since Paul was coming here with 6 of his students + another chaperone, I made food for them, too. Altho' the day was warm and muggy, I wanted to have a picnic. As we took the food out, we could hear thunder. It rumbled and roared. Most of us were finished with our spaghetti when the rain came and we headed for the house. We were glad to come in; the rain was coming down in sheets. Besides spaghetti, we had garlic bread, choc. krispie bars and watermelon. Everyone seems to like the krispie bars made from chocolate rice krispies instead of regular.

There are 3 girls and 3 boys that are going to help with Camp Luther this week at Sibley St. Park north of Wilmar. Paul and Listra won't be counselors but will help with anything they can.

Terry worked on the wiring of the new tractor until he figured out how to make the baler work correctly. He said the wiring diagram in the owner's manual wasn't accurate.

Tomorrow we'll go to early church and Bible class. We'll come home for a quick dinner of grilled hamburgers and cheesy potatoes before the AZ people leave for camp. They should be there by 2:30.

We have lots of this plant in the trees. It is called Soloman's Seal according a gardening magazine I used to get. The flowers turn into dark-colored berries.

Everyone is tired. Well, not the kids so much, but Paul may already be in bed.                            Goodnight! Kathy, Terry, Paul, Lestra, Stanley, Thomas, Noah,                                                               Merlita, Autumn, and Faith

Friday, June 15, 2018


While we were sitting on the bench in front of the house doing our Bible reading, a dark cloud was building in the southwest. We heard thunder and figured a shower was heading our way. Then the cloud moved to the north a little. I decided to mow as much as I could before the rain got here, but I finished mowing. The rain never made it this far. We had wind tho'! It blew from all directions with some gusts being hot and some cooler. It was kind of crazy. When the clouds were gone, the wind quit, and we had no wind for the rest of the day. The temps were close to 90, so it felt really warm with no air movement.

A large hydraulic hose on the haybine sprayed oil all over last night, so Terry took it off this morning and we headed to town. I was dropped off at Great Clips while Terry took the hose to Sturdevant's. They were quick about making a new hose and Terry was ready to go home about the same time I was. The gal that cut my hair was such a chatter box, I was glad to get out of there.

This afternoon I decided I should bake bread, but I looked at the recipe wrong and doubled the amount of warm water to use. So instead of making 4 loaves of bread, I made 8. I had to borrow bread pans from neighbor Bev. 
 The peonies of have been blooming for several days. Mostly we have white with a touch of pink in them. We have a few pink ones.
 And one plant that is the deep pink.

An electrical outlet on the "new" Ford tractor that is needed to run the baler wasn't working, so Terry re-wired it. Now when he hooks up the baler, the air conditioner and fan come on.  ??????? Something is rotten somewhere.

Time for bed!

Thursday, June 14, 2018



Our thermometer showed 83 degrees with strong southeast winds and lots of humidity. At least it felt very humid to me.

Terry put more hay down. This time on the GF&P land 1/2 mile east. Then he moved down to the small piece by Butch's. He didn't finish there, tho'. Instead he came home because a large hydraulic hose broke.

I baked ginger snaps for GSI's customer appeciation days Friday and Saturday. Later I made a batch of choc. chip ones.

The bathrooms have been cleaned and floors vacuumed and scrubbed.

More mowing was done this evening when the wind went down. It was still a dirty job, tho'. Now all that is left to mow is north of the old driveway.

Betty stopped by to pick up the cookies on her way home. We stood and visited for quite awhile; we covered a whole range of topics!
 The black rooster with one of the chickens we got from Kim B. last year.
 The catalpa tree in bloom.  
The Lord bless and keep you! Goodnight!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Greetings and salutations~ It was a very loverly day!

I got busy this morning washing clothes. The first load was over-full, but - oh, well. It wasn't until I was putting in the 2nd load that I realized that the first, over-full load had been washed with a minimum of water. Duh! Do you suppose that is called dry cleaning?

Terry put a bucket on one of the tractors, fixed on the haybine and went over to the field about 10:30, asking me to bring him dinner. OK, I would continue moving branch piles to the loader, and from the loader to the burn pile,  hopefully finishing before noon. Then I would thaw out some 'backyard beans' for dinner, take them to Terry and get town in time to hear the main speaker at the convention.

More cows and calves were dropped off before noon, but something was amiss- there was a couple extra calves and a cow that didn't care about either of them.

While the beans were warming, I showered and changed clothes. Then I put some bowls, spoons, beverages, and dessert in a bag and hurried over to the field. Terry was stopped. The haybine was plugged up because of the dirt piled near a badger hole. Terry came to the car and was ready to eat, but I'd forgotten the beans on the counter. As I was leaving to get the beans, Terry said to put my old clothes back on because I could help unplug the haybine.

Needless to say, I didn't go to town to hear the speaker. Instead, I began mowing the yard and mowing places in the trees where I had cleaned out the ugly buckthorn, branches, and weeds.

Terry was back before 4 because he had mission board meeting at the convention. We both went in. Clouds had been building, and it rained on the way to town. While Terry was at his meeting, I bought groceries. Paul will be here this w.e. with some of his students and I needed supplies. Paul and the kids will be helping at Camp Luther next week.

When we got home, CL brought one calf's mother and took the extra calf home. It was decided that the cow who didn't care about the calves hasn't had her calf yet, so we are going to watch her.

I remember once when we got the wrong cow and calf together in a pasture down by Dean's. At 11 o'clock at night, we were making a trade by the slough. What fun!


Tuesday, June 12, 2018



We drove in for the opening service of the Dakota-Montana District Convention.  It was held at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. The convention itself is being held at GPLHS. When it was over, we stopped at County Fair and the library before coming home.

Since it was such a nice day, Terry sprayed some weeds and then began haybining the field on the top of the hill. I trimmed up some trees and cut out buckthorn. I have several piles of branches, but Terry has the loaders off both tractors, so I can't easily haul them to the burning pile.
I found this turkey nest yesterday and went back for a picture today. I thought I knew where it was, but I found out I didn't when a turkey furiously flew up in front of me.
 There are only a few purple/white irises that still bloom. 
  The trap had been set for several days and finally a 'coon set it off.

Guten nacht.                    Kathy and Terry