Wednesday, April 26, 2017



Greetings from the Greasy Spoon Restaurant. For supper we had deep-fried fish, deep-fried mushrooms, and deep-fried corn fritters. We have been greased up. This is the batter I used and it worked well: Long John Silver's Fish Batter
3/4 cup flour           2 T cornstarch        1/4 t baking soda        1/4 t baking powder          1/4 t salt
3/4 cup water   Mix together.

We had rain over night- not a lot, but ice was on trees and stuff outside. The ice never fell from the top 1/2 of the trees today because it just didn't get warm enough. It snowed in Watertown. I can forget about making apricot jam this summer because the blossoms have frozen. This cold spell is going to last a couple more days.

Terry counted hens yesterday and 1 red one was missing. Today she was still gone, so we think a raccoon got her or she simply died from old age. All 6 of the hens were here on Monday- 2 red and 4 black ones.

Yesterday I made Terry French toast for breakfast. This morning he figured I should do it again. Ha-ha-ha- that was funny. After some discussion, we decided he lives in an alternate reality.

Terry had one more light to put up and he put it up in the machine shed. Wow! Now we can see in the corner behind the supply bins.

We heard the news that our niece Janet had a baby girl today.

At least 20 years ago I bought a wooden shelf. For those 20 years it has been sitting in the basement, on  its end in a closet. I decided it was time to do something with it, so I painted it a bright golden yellow and tonight Terry helped hang it in the garage over the closet doors. Getting it hung up was quite an ordeal because Terry kept saying it had to be secured really well because I might put really heavy stuff on it. I know you can't just put screws in the sheet rock and expect them to hold, so finally I told him I thought I'd put canned goods on it, so yes, we'd better use those 3 inch screws. He cut 2 2x4's about a foot long to nail to the studs on the back side so the screws would be anchored really well. I think he could hang from it and it wouldn't budge. I put knick-knacky stuff on the shelf.
Marcy's calf looked much better today, so we put him in the pen with her. He sucked whenever he wanted to, BUT he thinks the front teats are the only ones that work. So tonight he looked kind of hungry, but not hungry enough to suck on the rear. We separated them again and tomorrow morning I'm quite sure he'll be ready to put his head down and reach a little further.

Goodnight.   KT&D

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Well, the weather was definitely raw and chilly today. Leaden skies brought a little mist and the forecast even calls for snow.

Terry needed a short hydraulic hose, so he went to Clear Lake this morning. He stopped to see Tim, who is very slowly making improvements.

I wrote a letter, made a pot of bean and ham soup, and worked on those new curtains. That was a tedious process- either the fabric wasn't cut straight or it is twisted, but I had to very carefully pin the sides up so there would be no puckers or twists. I think that panel will hang OK.

This evening we went to the visitation at St. Paul's church in Clear Lake of our neighbors' sister. Clark and Greg Toben's sister, Kathy, died from liver problems. I think this makes 6 of their close relatives that have died in the last 10 years. (This is really pretty bad, odd ominous(?) or forboding (?), but as we drove up to the church, there were at least 10 vultures circling overhead.)

Let there be light! Terry put 3 LED shop lights up in the garage this afternoon, and it is amazingly bright in there- so much better than those two regular old light bulbs too high up in the ceiling.

The bean soup was pretty good. Terry did his duty and ate a bowl of it. I suppose I will get to eat the rest.

Luke 19:10 Jesus said, "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost."

We are going out to work with Marcy's calf. He sucked real good after dinner, so we hope he has the same enthusiasm tonight. We'll attempt to get him to suck the two on the left, esp. the back one.

Goodnight from us.

Monday, April 24, 2017


Terry was looking out the kitchen window before breakfast and saw a vulture swooping around near the barn and big shed.

We sorted Norma from Kermit and Thomas, and Terry took her to the butcher.

 Southerly winds blew here again today, until this evening when they switched to the north. Dennis J. brought the county no-till drill over this morning. Terry was eager to get the orchard grass planted because the weather forecast sounds rather chilly and miserable.We filled the grass box on the drill and Terry went over to the field. He returned awhile later, very frustrated because the seed wouldn't feed through the tubes. After some phone calls, he decided to put the grass seed in the other box on the planter and that worked well. All he had to do was set the drill on crested wheat grass and the orchard seed was planted at the correct rate. He can't plant the teff seed until the ground warms up to 65 degrees.
 Barenbrug is the name on the seed sacks. When I first glanced at the name, I thought it said Rabenberg. Terry said he always thinks it says Brandenburg.

Beside a few tulips, the apricot trees are blooming. We'll see if the blossoms survive the forthcoming cold weather. The delicate flowers look like they are made out of tissue paper.

The nankin cherries have a few blossoms, too. Apricot blossoms are pictured.

                         The little maple north of the house has these flowers.
Sunset on the south side of Lake Alice. We went over to Chad's to get Marcy and her calf. The sucks, but doesn't have a lot of spunk. We'll see what we can do.
Even tho' I certainly didn't over-do today, I hear the bed calling my name. Goodnight!

Sunday, April 23, 2017


The butterfly in yesterday's episode is a painted lady butterfly. And, I saw 2 Hungarian partridges and Jack the rabbit on my hike.

Morning seemed to come much too early this mornin'. When we first opened our eyes, the sun was shining in. A few minutes later, the sky was overcast and then thick fog descended for awhile. Otherwise, we had a nice day, with gusty winds this afternoon.

We went to early church and then attended the forum about adding 3 year-old preschool to St. Martin's School and all that would entail.

We joined Cole's and Draeger's at Perkins for brunch, and then we came home. Terry used the tractor to move a large branch from an ash tree that was on the edge of the alfalfa field. We cleaned the trash out of the grain bin and lit the pile. We can safely say that the sticks and branches in the yard have been cleaned up! However, there are still plenty in the ditch north of the place and in the little pasture.

Terry used an old drag section pulled behind the 4-wheeler to drag the corners of the field over east. He is hoping to get it seeded tomorrow. After that he checked his gopher traps and got the grandpaw gopher down by Butch's.

I dragged out my 'boulevard' lounger, positioned it out of the wind but in the sun and took a nap. And Terry and I washed the windows on the tractor. I'm sure that hadn't been done since last fall. I don't know how Terry could see out anymore.

We have an app't in the morning to take Norma over to Gary. Does anyone need some good hamburger?

Blessings, Kathy, Terry, and Dandi

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Before I forget again---Yesterday when Terry and I were enroute to Watertown, I mentioned that Doug was putting motion sensors in the bathrooms at church because the lights are so often left on. I had just mentioned that when my phone rang and it was Doug. "Where are you?" he asked. "Almost to Goodwin." I was puzzled, but he went on to say that someone had let him know that a Google Internet balloon was overhead and that he should be able to see it. Yes, he could, but it was east a bit. Terry pulled over and we got out to look. Sure enough, way up high was something that looked like a tiny silvery sequin. For more info, google the balloons.:

Terry checked on pocket gophers this morning to see how much activity was going on. Of course, he found some to trap.

I made goulash for dinner and it sure hit the spot. I hadn't made that for a long time.

This afternoon Terry took some hay over to Rossow's, but first he dropped me off on the east side of the east pasture. I walked home from there. It took me a long time because I tried to get pictures of different birds and animals. The ticks found me.
 Pintail duck

 The Silver Leaf has turtles  galore! No shortage of painted turtles over there.


Nameless butterfly. I thought it was a skipper jack, but not according to what I just googled.This evening I unloaded the sticks, branches and tubs of leaves that were in the 2-wheeled trailer. Then I filled it again and emptied it again. I sawed down a tree that had all its branches broken off in the ice storm. It wasn't a huge tree, maybe 6 inches in diameter- and not very tall either. I looped a chain around it as high as I could, then used the 4-wheeler to pull on the chain to make the tree tip. That made it much easier to saw.

Terry dragged the field over in the corner because little tiny weeds were coming up. He really wants to get that field planted to orchard grass and teff next week.

May you have a blessed Sonday!       

Friday, April 21, 2017


We awoke to a gorgeous morning and it stayed that way all day.
Tulips by the house.

I pulled out all the dead stuff that was left from the mums and asters in front of the house. One mum is coming, three are not. Both asters are pushing toward the sun.

Since I had Ladies Mission this afternoon, we headed to town mid-morning. Terry needed to get supplies at Menard's and to fill 3 small oil barrels. Ladies Mission hadn't met since last October. Since I am the youngest of the members, we don't meet during the winter. Today there were 7 of us in attendance.

When we got home, Terry hurried to get the lawn mower going. The neighbor had been busy all afternoon, mowing hers. Terry mowed like a crazy man and finished the main parts of the yard in 3 hours.

I puttsed around raking more sticks and leaves in the trees and putting them in mineral tubs. If it wouldn't have been so muddy getting to the burning pile, I would have emptied the trailer I filled a couple days ago and re-filled it.

The head of lettuce I bought at Hy-vee is not good. Half of it is rusty. I suppose I could return it--if I remember on Sunday.

Goodnight, Irene!   KT&D

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Our rain gauge showed .43" of rain this morning. That's since yesterday. Those old gray clouds hung around all day, only partly breaking up this evening.

I am caught up on bookwork. Yeah, me! Now, if I would just work on it every Monday morning, it wouldn't take very much to stay caught up.

Terry and Pete headed east in our pickup this afternoon. Pete, to check on his tractor in Madison and Terry, to bring ours home from Nassau.  Turns out, Pete's was ready to come home, too, so he drove his home and Terry drove our FORD home, leaving our pickup at Wildung's in Nassau. After he got home, we went back to get the pickup.

I have started working on new curtains, getting 2 long panels cut.  I hope they are straight. It's kind of unhandy working with 10 yards of heavy fabric.

Since I was tired of being in the house all day, I went outside to pick up more sticks. The undone area is getting smaller. : )

It was a pretty quiet day----Goodnight!