Friday, June 23, 2017


Terry left to rake the corners of the alfalfa field and was going to bale, but then heavy mist came joined the stiff northwest winds.

This afternoon we planted dogwood bushes. The SCS had extra trees/bushes and Terry purchased 50 dogwoods. We put some in bare places on the north edge of the north shelter belt. While we were out there, we noticed a bunch of maple trees growing in the waterway, so Terry and Eddie dug those out. We took them and the rest of the dogwoods out to the slough and planted them along the east side. That took us the rest of the day, and all of us were definitely ready to STOP. It wouldn't have been quite the ordeal that it was if we'd have been doing it a couple of months ago. The grass and weeds are very tall now and it's hard to get through the sod to dig a decent hole and then fill it in again.

Eddie grilled pork loin for supper and then we watched the movie- A Man Called Ove. We all enjoyed it, but it was in Swedish or something, so we had to watch the words at the bottom of the screen.

Tomorrow morning we'll take Eddie back to Lake Shetek where someone will be waiting to pick Pearl and Joe up from camp.

 Eddie found this red-winged blackbird nest where we were planting maples and dogwoods by the slough.


Thursday, June 22, 2017


We awoke to gentle rain showers, while Castlewood and places south of here had terrible weather which included high winds and hail. We got .59" of rain.

Terry went to Clear Lake and Brookings this morning. I mixed up honey oatmeal bread with raisins. Eddie said he doesn't care for raisins, but he eats the bread.

Terry and Eddie fixed the north door on the big shed. I was afraid it was going to be at least a 1/2 day job, but it only took them a few minutes because Terry was able to pry the door back onto its track.

Once more, we have teeny tiny little grease ants. AND, we have those teeny tiny little flies that come through the screens to get closer to the lights at night. They have been awful.

Well, the big trees are still on the hill east of Lake Alice. The west one
took a beating; a very large branch came down, hitting another on its way. In the past a storm had taken the uppermost branch out, so it is in sad shape. The one on the east seems to be unscathed.

After we decided we'd go to the rodeo tonight, I quickly made spaghetti. Just as we were going to eat, a friend stopped by. He ate with us, but left a deposit.

We enjoyed the rodeo, but it got really chilly. A breeze and the damp ground weren't a good combination. Everyone brings their own lawn chairs or blankets to sit on. When the rodeo was over, Lew's Fireworks put on a dazzling display.  
 It's late and morning will come too early.

May the Lord bless and keep you~   KTE&D

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Yo! I went to town for our women's Bible class and a dr. appt. Terry raked hay and Eddie mowed the yard after he woke up.

We gave serious consideration to going to the Crystal Springs Rodeo Xtreme Bull Riding tonight, but decided we'd try for tomorrow night or Friday because there will be more events on those nights. It was hot today, too, and sitting out there with the sun beating down didn't sound like a lot of fun. However, about the time the rodeo started, clouds formed in the northwest and the evening was very nice.

Terry moved bales  and Eddie and I messed around. We went over the cemetery which has really become overgrown and tried to get to Lake Alice on the back road, but couldn't because of all the downed trees.

There used to be a large headstone with Schwichtenberg on it, but I couldn't find it, and there used to be several small white stones and a few metal ones. We only found one small white stone and one metal one still there. I wonder if they have "walked" off, altho' the large marker would have been hard to remove from the site.

Some of the trees across the trail. They got me to thinking about the 2 really big trees on the hill east of Lake Alice. Are they still standing? Tomorrow I am going to find out.

 Terry suggested we drive over to the rodeo grounds just to see the lights and how many vehicles were there. There were lots!        Goodnight from here.    Kathy, Terry, Eddie, and Dandi

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Wow! We had us one beautiful day- not much wind and mild temps. Terry raked some hay and put a little more down. The good news is that Eddie and I have finished picking up sticks in the yard! (Now, if only the branches in the little pasture were picked up....)

Eddie and I went around the fence to the back pasture where the poles and wires had fallen on our fence and made a few adjustments.

    Eddie found a tiny little bird and caught it.
It could fly a little,
but had trouble gaining altitude to get above the tall grass.

We also found 2 huge musk thistles.
One was almost as tall as us,
while the other one had 8 big
arms on it. Although the flowers are very soft, the petals at the base are really sharp. (Enlarge to see.)

I baked a couple banana breads. They won't last long.

Eddie grabbed the camera when I went to give Grandpa some banana bread for a snack.

The garden is starting to look better.

We talked to all 3 kids tonight and heard that it was 120 degrees in Phoenix. So glad I don't live there!
 Sunset on this, the longest day of the year.

Eddie got sunburned today and we are all tired. Goodnight!

Kathy, Terry, Eddie, and Dandi

Monday, June 19, 2017


I pulled 5 large patches of burning weed (stinging nettle) earlier this evening, some of which was taller than I, and my arms still tingle. They feel just plain weird. I don't have any blisters, tho'. Once I walked through a bunch of it with shorts on and blisters formed on my legs.
  While Terry moved some bales this morning, Ed and I picked up sticks beneath the apple trees and part way down Lover's Lane. Later we threw branches from the shelter belt over the fence into the little pasture.

There's sad news here-- Three of the six little chicks have been eaten. We only counted 3 chicks and found black feathers, white feathers, and orangish feathers. Was it a cat? We are not sure. But last week I set a 1/2 grown black bird in the midst of the cats and they wouldn't touch it.

After dinner Grandpa and Eddie repaired and reinforced the hay trailers. Then they picked up some bales. I did some bookwork and looked for some sheet music that I know I have but can't find. Then I weeded in the garden. A few more peas have sprouted; so have the beets and lettuce. The corn looks nice and so do the potatoes and tomatoes. The viney things seed to be doing OK, too. It was a rather cool day with a northerly breeze.

Proverbs 12:19 Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment.

 Goodnight.                    Kathy, Terry, Eddie, and Dandi

Sunday, June 18, 2017


We attended church and Bible class. We stopped at Menard's on the way home because we should get a couple new storm doors and this week everything is 11% off. But after we looked at the doors, Terry wasn't sure what size ours were. We came home without any.

We cheated and took the "new 212" as far as we dared. We made it all the way to Goodwin. That's as far as the new cement has been poured. From there we turned north a couple miles and then east again. We have never been on some of those roads. We also went past Heath and Eric's. The tin from the big shed blew one way and the trees fell another in last week's storm. The more we see, we really feel a tornado was responsible for much of the destruction. We don't think it hit the ground, but was several feet above the ground.

We had some rain squalls that didn't amount to anything throughout the day. The sun would be out, but soon a cloud would build and move through the area, leaving a brief heavy shower or maybe just sprinkles. Then the sun would shine again.

Late this afternoon we met Tonya, Mark, Joe, Pearl and Ed near a church camp at Lake Shetek south of Tracy, MN. Joe and Pearl will be going to camp and Ed came home with us. We let him drive all the way home so he could get in more driving time. As soon as we got here, he went right out to see the cats.
 Terry has been letting LuAnn's calf suck without tying LuAnn. As long as he stands there with the rope, she doesn't try  very hard to butt the calf. The other day Terry said she mooed at the calf and he thought the battle had been won, so he let the calf in with the cow. She proceeded to bang the calf around and and kick at it. I heard LuAnn moo at the calf, too, but I don't think she was mooing terms of endearment. I think she was saying, "Why don't you just go away, you little pain in the neck!"

Zechariah 2:19 "Shout and be glad, O Daughter of Zion. For I am coming, and I will live among you, " declares the LORD.

Goodnight~ Kathy, Terry, Eddie, & Dandi

Saturday, June 17, 2017


I started cleaning batahrooms and a thought kept going through my mind: It's time for a gathering. Nobody has held a gathering for quite some time. So just do it. OK. I called a few people for a gathering this evening. That meant I had to keep cleaning. I also made a couple hotdishes; the others supplied salads and desserts. Anyway, it is good to have the house clean, and we had a good time visiting.

Terry did some odd jobs, one of which was to get the last rogue bale back in the alfalfa field to be put in a bale stack. This bale had jumped the fence on the west side of the shelter belt and rolled far enough away from the fence that Terry couldn't reach it with the loader. He put a long rope around it to drag it closer to the fence, but it kept slipping away. After many tries, he snagged it so it was close enough to grab. He also stacked all the bales from the small field over east.

Today was cooler with light sprinkles every once in a while. Tonight we had a downpour for a few minutes. Al's window had been left open, so he got a wet bottom for the ride home. The clouds were really dark southeast of here.

Terry went outside after dinner and discovered that LuAnn's calf had escaped and was running around the yard. She was having so much fun zooming back and forth on the old driveway with her tail in the air.

Yvonne had a heifer calf.  

Aah- it's time for my mini-vacation. Goodnight!