Friday, April 20, 2018


The snow melted some more today, but not very fast because the high for the day was about 40 degrees. Terry made the unfortunate discovery this evening that all the water in the big shed was not from snowmelt, but from a broken pipe beneath a hydrant in there. Both of us had been in there earlier and just thought the water- which was about 3 inches deep and running out the door- was caused by melting snow. DUH! We should have known better. Terry checked the water meter and more than 13,300 gallons had run down the hill to the waterway through the neighbor's corn field, to the crick in the GF&P land to Lone Tree Lake.

Terry is making a removable "back" to his hay rack and worked on it most of the day. We've had news that my dad's youngest cousin, Sam, is not doing well at all. There will likely be a funeral next week. He is a year older than I am.

I washed clothes and hung it out. It almost dried.

After supper I made an attempt to walk to Lone Tree Lake. I thought it would be too muddy to cut across the corn field, so I went through Kevin's pasture. Then I couldn't get back across the gully because the water was too deep. The extra 13,300 gallons of water probably didn't help anything.

We could see that an eagle was sitting in a nest in the trees over
 at Egge Mulder's old place. Today
I went for a look-see. Here are some of the pictures I was able to get.

Tomorrow is our LWMS Minnekota Circuit rally. The ballot has a complete slate of nominations!! I am excited about that. So now I must go over my duties and the agenda. Then I should figure out what I am going to wear. Decisions. Decisions.

Goodnight!  TK&D

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Yo! This will be short. Not much was going on. Terry went out right away this morning to work on his new hay rack.  I worked on LWMS things, trying to get everything lined up for the rally on Saturday.

It was a beautiful day again. The snow is melting like crazy and water is running everywhere. Our yard is going to be muddy for a long time because there is so much snow to melt.

This afternoon I helped Terry a little and went for a walk. I walked to the corner west of Magedanz's and back again.

I thought I heard frogs! I thought there were 3 different croaks, coming from 3 different places. Could it be? I will have to listen again tomorrow.

I did a bit of research on swans and watched a video put out by National Geographic. The ones that sometimes come into this area are whistling swans, also known as tundra swans. There are a couple other varieties in North America, but those flocks are small and they don't ever come through here. The whistling swans winter in North Carolina and begin heading northwestward in March or April.

I gave Terry a haircut tonight. He'd gotten so shaggy looking!

That's all for tonight. Good night         K,T & D

Wednesday, April 18, 2018



We finished this farm scene puzzle last night.                                                                              The snow that had been forecast earlier, went south and missed us completely! 

Terry and I went to town this morning; I attended the women's Bible class and Terry stopped here and there, getting supplies, etc. We both worked at GSI from noon until closing. Terry's job was to sort the plastic totes in the basement to find lids for them. It took him all afternoon. 

It's fun to see how far north the sunrises are already and how long the sun stays up in the evening. We took walks after we got home. I walked around in the pasture and trees. Hilltops are poking through the snow.
 The gal, Amanda, who was on the airplane that lost an engine visited her once upon a time. I think she was originally from Winner; she has an aunt in Sioux Falls.
 We've heard her and her husband speak at LWMS conventions and rallies.

I think that is all. It's time for bed.  Kathy, Terry, and Dandi

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Once again we had a sunny day with blue skies and little wind. It wasn't very warm, only 37 or so, but still very nice.

After making a few phone calls and writing some e-mails, I followed Terry outside. He walked north, but I went south, west, south and west past the old cemetery. Much of the way I followed a tire track in the snow so I wouldn't get my feet wet. I had not worn boots and didn't want wet feet.  On the back road I saw Jack's tracks and near the cemetery several deer took off. The distance I covered was 5 1/2 miles. By the time I got back, it was time for dinner and a nap.
Wildung Equipment said they couldn't find anything wrong with the AC on the new tractor other than a low freon level, so we went to pick it up. North and east of Revillo we saw swans. Lots of swans + ducks + geese. There were thousands of swans in one field where corn had been planted last year and there was open water.
Terry working on his new hay rack. He is building it out of bridge plank. 
  Water dripping from a hole in the eaves made these long, icy fingers. The forecast calls for some more snow overnight, but a warming trend after that.                Goodnight1

Monday, April 16, 2018


We had sunshine all day and I had things to do at home and then in town, so I wasn't able to be outside to enjoy it.

I was busy all morning with LWMS, writing some letters, doing bookwork, and making something for dinner. After dinner I went to town to help at GSI before a board meeting at the store. Sharon had a ticket available for tonight's community concert. I said I would use it. The King's Singers were in Watertown. I was afraid their music would be very 'high brow', and some of it was, but the rest was fun stuff. For a sample of their music go here:  This one, by Billy Joel, was my favorite along with Shenandoah.

Tickets are for sale for next season's community concert series and they are only $35 for six concerts. I think I should get some for us.

Terry worked on his new hay wagon all day. He said half the floor is done.


Sunday, April 15, 2018


Since it was still snowing this morning, we didn't hurry out to start moving snow. We had breakfast and live-streamed St. Martin's church on the computer. Then we went outside. We had to scoop snow away from the machine shed doors before we could open them. Terry rattled one of the doors and some snow fell down his neck. BUT I was kind of hoping that nice bunch of snow would have fallen on him. (It happened to me once and he thought it was funny.) If you look closely, you can see a nice over-hang of snow on the shed. (The sky and the snow were close to the same color, so it's hard to see.)

 It took a while to clear the snow off the driveways and other places we walk around here. Terry put a plastic mineral tub through the snowblower. He hadn't seen it because it was covered with snow. 
Once in awhile this afternoon, we saw big patches of blue sky with big white clouds scurrying along.

This cat appears to be a tad crabby.

We drove in to see "Hello, Dolly" put on by the GPLHS kids. Our road was OK, because Magedanz's came with their big 4WD with the blade and pushed snow off the road again and because Terry had also made sure the snow was off on our section of gravel. However, when we got to the Tunerville Road, driving was not fun. The plows had pushed snow off, but the wind caused blowing snow to stick and it had several inches of slush. 212 was pretty good, but had slushy parts. On the way home, the temperature had dropped and the slush on 212 was ICE. It was very slippery- mostly in Deuel County. We came upon a car that had slid across the road and was on its side in the ditch. (Someone else had already stopped and everyone was fine.)

The kids did a good job on the musical; we were told they had put in hours and hours of practice. The lead people had tons of memorization! We took Betty home afterwards. She and Pete had been in town, but Pete didn't want to stay for the play. We stopped at Papa Murphy's for pizza before heading east. 

When we left Pete and Betty's, light snow was falling again and sifting, sifting across the road.


Saturday, April 14, 2018



Snow keeps falling  and the wind keeps blowing. Such a deal for April 14! Someone said today that in about 9 weeks the days will begin to get shorter. You wanted to hear that, didn't you, on this, the 117th day of January? We heard that Canby has gotten 23" of snow, and have seen pictures of Clear Lake and Toronto. Those towns are socked in, too. We don't have that much here. I don't think so, anyway.
I don't know if we'll make it to church tomorrow. I plugged in the tractor tonight, but there's just so much snow to move! Someone came down our road with a big JD tractor and pushed the snow off, but we don't know why. We never saw anyone go past with a load of hay or anything like that.

I didn't sleep well last night. I think it was because of the tea I drank from that flower thing. I never thought about the caffeine that might be in that tea. Silly me!

We watched the birds stuffing themselves this morning. There were juncos, redpolls, a woodpecker, and a couple blackbirds at the feeder. The bluejays must have gone to someone else's place.

That's all. Cheerio!