Monday, February 20, 2017


Sorry I didn't write last night. We were at Tonya and Mark's, and I had trouble logging in.

The eastern sky yesterday morning and the clouds in the west

After church and Bible study yesterday, we joined Orrin and Linda at the Prairie Stop for brunch. We came home right after that. The wind blew really hard from the southeast, but it was warm. I spent time putting sticks and branches into piles, and Terry worked at cleaning the inside of the car that he found for Pam. When I got tired of picking up sticks, I helped Terry. We quit doing that about 4:30 and headed for the Kowalkes'. We needed to take Dandi to their house. We ate supper with Tonya, Ed, Joe, and Pearl. Mark was at work. Then we played a game called Synapse. It was similar to the game Password that we used to play, only the players on the team were supposed to get a fellow teammate to say a word by making a sentence. ( I don't know how to explain this so it makes sense...) One person would start the sentence with one word, the next person would add another word, etc. and hopefully their teammate could figure out the word. It was the guys vs the girls. Here are a couple examples that were funny, but didn't produce the correct answers.
Tonya and I had the word worm,
I said: Nobody
Tonya said: likes.
          I said: me.
 Tonya said: Guess
          I said: I'll
  Tonya said: go
          I said: eat
And Pearl said: Broccoli!    WRONG!
Bus was one of Terry and Eddie's words. Terry said, "School." and before Eddie had a chance to add his part, Joey yelled, "Sucks!"  WRONG!  The guys won because they thought on the same wavelength and could get the right answers more often that the girls.

 Ed is on crutches because he hurt his knee playing basketball. Actually he hurt it last fall playing football, and it had never entirely healed, so now he needs to have an MRI to see what is really going on in there.

This morning, I had a shadow. Wherever I went, Dandi followed. She was very suspicious that we were going to leave without her. Finally Tonya scooped her up and we left as quickly as we could.Tonya said she'll mope for a couple of days, but she'll get over it. She'll be fine, but it is weird not having her here. Every evening she simply has to go out to pee so she'll get a treat. She does this over and over and over until bed time. After an hour or so, she'll make one of us get up to let her out so she gets another treat.

We came home through Redwood Falls because we needed to stop at RIO Nutrition to exchange a bag of cattle fly repellant for a couple small mineral tubs. We were home by 1:30. Once more we cleaned the inside of that car. I'm sure you're wondering about it.
 It is a Mercury Mountaineer. It runs good, has new tires, and other upgrades, BUT the interior was FILTHY, FILTHY, FILTHY! But the price was right.

We put up our COFFEE sign tonight since the paint had dried. Cool, huh? And that's all for tonight. God's blessings to all~ K&T

Saturday, February 18, 2017



  I had a busier than usual day. I wrote out a couple get-well cards and put them in the mail. It was just beautiful this morning, so I hung out a couple loads of laundry. And, the snowmen have been taken down and put into their boxes.  Terry visited with Kevin D. for a while this morning and after dinner he took Pam's car to Kevin T, and they tweaked a few more things. I baked bread, M&M cookies, and made a batch of Chex mix. When Terry came home, we got busy and cleaned the inside of that car.

Clouds moved in for several hours, but the sun came out again about sunset. I do not know how warm it got, but I looked after the clouds moved in, and the temp was 50 degrees at that time. We've seen some small vee's of geese and I think I saw ducks last night. They were smaller than geese and flapping their wings really fast. There's a woodpecker in the yard that has found some hollow branches to peck. He makes a lot of noise.

Tonya called today to tell us that Eddie was back playing basketball, but he really hurt his knee last night. Pam called, too.

Della- you'd enjoy DEWEY the library cat of Spencer, IA. I listened to it, but you could get the book and read it if you don't have a CD player. It is by Vicki Myron.

Psalm 65:2-4 O you who hear prayer, to you all men will come. When we were overwhelmed by sins, you forgave our transgressions. Blessed are those you choose and bring near to live in your courts! We are filled with the good things of your house, of your holy temple.

Z-z-z-z!   Kathy, Terry, and Dandi

Friday, February 17, 2017


I fed the cats and calves this morning and checked on the cows' hay. I told Terry that the cows needed to be fed, and I could do it if he wanted me to, or I would help him hook up to the trailer and open the gate and he could feed. He chose the latter. He was feeling good, but the nurses had told him to take it easy for a few days. They told me I should treat him like he had a broken wrist.

Terry spent the afternoon at Kevin T's fixing stuff on Pam's car. He had to make a trip to Watertown to get new keys made because the keys that came with the car wouldn't work with the door's locks. They made some other adjustments, but Terry will have to go back tomorrow to finish.

While Terry was gone, I did the dishes while listening to a book called Dewey. It is a true story about a cat who lived at the library in Spencer, IA for 19 years and how he changed people's lives.

Late in the afternoon I hiked over to Lake Alice. It's definitely not dry enough to walk over there without boots. My BOGS have the cleats and they get hot when it is so warm out. (52 degrees), so I wore my old rubber chore boots. After a couple miles, my feet were sure getting sore, so I called Terry and he came to pick me up. I had walked west of here to Lake Alice and then north on the lake road. He picked me up on the tar.

If I'd have stayed on the gravel road and gone south on 480 Ave, ( I could have worn my reg. shoes) Terry and I would have met when he came home from Clear Lake and I could have seen the deer. The DEER have been residing down by Jerome and Sharlene's and since it's been nice, they've been roaming. Terry thought there were more than 60 of them down by the Altamont road.

  Luke 8:16-17 [Jesus said,] "No one lights a lamp and hides it in a jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, he puts it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will no be known or brought our into the open."

Good night!                Kathy, Terry, and Dandi

Thursday, February 16, 2017


We were in town fairly early for Terry's angiogram procedure. Things were delayed by an emergency, but once the Dr. got going, it didn't take long. Terry's veins/arteries are only a tad more plugged this year than last, so a stent was not needed.

Terry was back in his room by one and he was thirsty and hungry! He ordered a full meal and ate every crumb. He was able to get quite a bit of sleep this afternoon, altho' the nurses had to keep releasing the pressure on the band on his wrist. A high pressure band had been placed on his wrist after the angiogram to stem the bleeding, and little by little the pressure was released. They did not want him to bleed all over the place. Once that was OK and a regular bandage put on, he was ready to be released. That happened about 4:30.

He was still a little loopy on our way out of town. I asked him if he felt like going to the basketball games this evening and didn't get a response. We stopped at Culver's for sundaes on the way out of town, and once more I asked what he thought about going to the games. We discussed the pros and cons all the way to Kranzburg. Then we turned around and went to watch. GPLHS played Waverly/South Shore in a double-header. It was tough going. GPLHS didn't fare very well. We left before the boys' varsity game was over because we decided it was time to go home. However, it had been fun watching the boys play. Some of you will recognize a couple people in these pictures.

It was parent's night and a free night for the community. After the players and their parents had been introduced, one of the ass't coaches was introduced and then his girl friend was asked to come to the floor. And that's when Nick Moffenbier asked his girl friend to marry him.

May God bless and keep you all~ Kathy, Terry, and Dandi

Wednesday, February 15, 2017



Today was our women's Bible class. Terry went along to town because he had some things to do, too.

At noon we met Dave and Rosie and Linda at Arby's. We had a good time visiting. We had to go to Menard's for fittings and things for the new water softener.

Instead of coming home after shopping, Terry wanted to go to Clear Lake to pick up the car we will take to AZ for Pam. That process took a while. There was nothing for me to do while I waited around, so I sat in the car and took a nap in the nice sunshine. (43 degrees today)

We talked to all 3 kids today.

Terry has an angio something or the other in the morning, so he is showering tonight. He will shower again in the morning so he is squeaky clean for the procedure. I suppose I'd better feed calves and cats for him in the morning so he doesn't have to put on his chore clothes and get exposed to any horrible germs. (There's germs all over, tho'.)

Psalm 40:4 Blessed is the man who makes the LORD his trust...


Kathy, Terry, and Peasy-weasy

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


A sunny windy day with temps above freezing. Not sure where the day went. We had ESL classes this evening. The topic was "Remedies". We found out that the Hispanics use lemon, honey, and cinnamon for colds like we do. Chamomile tea in the eyes is good for sore eyes. Corn silks mixed in water is used for kidney infection, and juice from hot peppers is good for a burn, along with aloe. Agripino said his mother accidentally spilled very hot soup down his neck when he was little and she put salsa on it, and he did not get a scar. Something else Jessica talked about was taking a dead rattle snake and drying it in the sun. Then grind up the snake, mix the powder with water and drink the mixture for cancer. She didn't know if it worked or not.

Pastor baked pizzas for the class tonight.

We stopped at Pete and Betty's for a little while on our way home.


 John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life.


Monday, February 13, 2017


Terry made an app't to take Norma to the vet. Altho' she was not with calf before Christmas, she now looks wide. She's been in a pen with Kermit, Thomas, Oscar, Ernie, and Laila. Is she wide because of the corn she gets or did the vet make a mistake 2 months ago? Mark agreed with the first prognosis that there's nobody home in there, so that means she is just putting on weight and getting fat. She was quite thin after having twins and getting sucked down, which is probably why she didn't breed back.

Terry wanted to talk to Kevin T south of Clear Lake, so we drove out there. As we pulled up, 2 guys were watching us. When we got out of the pickup, they told us that the rear axle on the trailer was about to fall off. Seriously? So I drove the pickup backward and forward and made a circle, and sure enough. Some kind of brace had come off on the right side, and the leaf spring was almost rubbing on the ground. We were very fortunate that the other side had not broken going down the highway, and that we were at a mechanic's shop where it could be fixed!

Terry backed the trailer with the cow in it into the garage and unhooked it. The cow had a long wait while the guys tried to fix the trailer. 
Meanwhile, we had driven up town- Terry to Helena Chemical, and me to Joyce's - but when we heard that repairs would take awhile, I asked Terry to take me over to Elaine A's and he could go help at the garage. I visited there until Terry needed to go to Watertown for more parts. He took me home first. After he got the parts he took the interstate to Clear Lake. He was back home by 6.

Freebie scratchin' an itch. Sparkle

 Jude 20-21 But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy spirit. Keep yourselves in God's love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life.

For several days the wind has come up at night. It's blowing hard now.

Goodnight!   Kathy, Terry, and Dandi